Sunday, October 22, 2023

Sunday Ramblings


Busy praying for the world the last few days. I am very worried that this is going to escalate and even more Middle Eastern countries are going to join in the fighting. I just can't comprehend the evil that mankind can do to each other.

In order not to be in a constant state of angst, I have been keeping busy working on those projects for this month, and cleaning my home. I have almost finished the Christmas ornaments. Since I pull my laptop into my sewing/craft room in order to use the Cricut, I run my battery down pretty quickly. I have six more ornaments to put names on and then they will be done. I hope to get those done tomorrow between other tasks. I am also knitting away on that blanket. I may get most done this month.

We will be getting our first snow of the year this week. It will probably hit us pretty hard by Tuesday night. I will be heading out shopping early on that day so as to perhaps not be out when the crazy people are driving in the first heavy snowfall of the year. To make matters worse, we are of course getting a bit of rain before the snow, that means ice under about 5 inches of the white stuff if the predictions are true. 

I am not at all ready for this abrupt change in weather. I was actually hoping for at least another week or two of decent temperatures in order to get all that I need as far as pantry items and hobby things. Guess I will keep my fingers crossed that the weather does not get too bad. 

I went for coffee to my friends today and she told me her Hubby wanted her to tell/ask me not to come around for about a week after he has his operation. That was something I had already planned as her Hubby gets pretty darn grouchy at times, and after an operation he is even worse. Doesn't want to let "D" out of his sight as I have seen in previous operations he has had. Yet she has asked me to take her to Regina for an eye appointment almost right after I have a major dental procedure with her Hubby's permission (he will be unable to take her). I told her it all depends on how this dental procedure goes. 

Mass was okay and ended right on time. So nice to have a priest that does not go on and on. Hopefully this keeps right on happening. Still feeling some bitterness over the way I was treated and I am working on overcoming that. 

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. Hi Jackie - I look forward to seeing your completed christmas ornaments - you are so organised this year! I am trying to be! I hope the snowfall is not too bad - things are heating up here & we're getting dry already. Enjoy your week Jackie x0x

  2. I lost a good friend due to her husband being such a grouch. We used to meet up at the school gates and when our kids finished school we tried to keep the friendship alive by meeting up at her house. The problem was that her husband was retired. He would always be there and he put the damper on every get together. I encouraged her to come to my house, but she only came once. I really believe that he stopped her coming.

  3. I'm not looking forward to the snow either, as I had hoped we'd get moved before it fell. Hopefully it will peter out before it reaches you and I. Selfish, I know.
    The situation in the Israel and Gaza is definitely heartbreaking. There will be no winners and I fear, like you, that more countries will get involved.

  4. Keeping busy does keep the mind occupied. Sadly the conflicts have been going on for centuries, and will probably continue for many more. We just each need to do our best. I do not understand the evil.
    5" of snow - say it aint so. Goodness gracious - what a first taste of winter. We will be in the 70's here this week!
    Stay safe.

  5. Good planning to get out early on Tuesday in order to avoid the crazy drivers after your first big snow of the season. Stay safe and warm!

    I too enjoy a priest/preacher who does not go on and on. That may be one of the reasons so may young people have left the church.

    Anyway, I hope you have a great week.

  6. I'm trying my best not to watch the world news because it's just too frightening. I wonder what kind of world our grandchildren will inherit.
    I agree about avoiding crazy drivers after the first few snowfalls. Trying to convince Resident Chef to call about getting our snow tires put on sooner rather than later but he's dragging his heels.

  7. Snow! I need to scroll up and see where this is. Wow. Early!

    ...Canada. Ok then 😃

  8. I hear you. I watch and want to be informed for personal reasons but I do have to keep busy and balance it (the best I can) with other more pleasing things for my soul. Thankfully, last night we attended church and had a prayer for the world and Israel which was touching.

  9. Hope you get all that you need before the snow comes. Stay safe.