Sunday, October 15, 2023

Sunday Ramblings


We had sunshine when I got up this morning, and it lasted for most of the day. Pretty cloudy now though and the temperature is slowly dropping. 

Today I gathered the pots that Harvey had emptied yesterday and piled them in an area where they will not interfere with snow removal. I pulled all the solar lights up and got them downstairs. I still have a few lights that need to be removed from the deck and will do that probably a bit later tonight. Then it will just be putting all the plant stands away and covering the outdoor furniture, BBQ, firepit moved into one of the sheds, and covering the smoker. We will then have the outside as ready for winter as we can possibly be. Of course there is still inside things to get done.

I actually said "No" to something I was asked to do for the parish this week. I am pretty darn proud of myself. Sticking to my guns and not backing down. If I wasn't good enough to still be on the Bible Study Team, I am not good enough to do other things.... That didn't come out quite right, but I am sure you all know what I mean. 

We attended Mass today in person instead of online. Been awhile, but other than going back into the past is some areas (like the bell ringing at the Eucharist) things never really change too much. Still the same people in charge as well which is not the best thing for the parish right now. Things are kind of stagnating and I don't really see much growth, but that could just be my hurt coming through.

Up to the sleeves on my dress, I quit at the point of pinning them in as I was getting a bit frustrated with the whole project. The neckline does not seem to lay properly so that will need to be fixed, and the back seems pretty narrow in comparison to the front. I think if I make this again there will be a few necessary changes to the pattern. Still I like the colour and style so I will definitely wear it and probably make the dress with changes again.

I need to find out how Kris is liking the no hot water heater thing. I will let you know Maebeme how that is going. Not sure if it is "on demand" but it kind of looks that way.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.


  1. It seems strange to read that you are busy putting things away as you prepare for winter Jackie .... & here I am taking things out as spring warms up!!! I can never get my head around it but I think we have it a bit wrong here at the bottom of the world & I would just love to experience a winter Christmas. Take care Jackie x0x

  2. It seems strange to read that you are busy putting things away as you prepare for winter Jackie ... & yet here I am taking things out as it all warms up for spring. I can never quite get my head around it but I think we may have it a bit wrong here at the bottom of the world & would just love to experience a winter christmas. Take care Jackie x0x

  3. Getting ready for the winter is not something we are used to. We're still in the 80's - supposed to be in the 90's later in the week. It goes back and forth till it settles with a more regular temp of 60's and 70's. My husband wants to patch and paint an area on the house that he removed something and needs to get that fixed before the winter rains come.

  4. We are getting ready for Winter here too, putting garden furniture away, closing down the greenhouse, and brushing up leaves by the hundred!

  5. I'm not sure why but putting things out in the spring seems to be less onerous than bringing everything in, in the fall. Perhaps I take more time then.
    I totally understand the feelings of being unappreciated (as opposed to not being good enough). When one is offered the least desirable jobs all the time, it gets tiresome.
    Good luck with the dress.

  6. I am too getting things in place now for the winter that is surely coming as I watch the overnight temps come down. Good for you standing up for yourself. I'm surprised they would have the gumption to ask you actually. Meanwhile, good luck with the dress making. You are brave to take that on too.

  7. Our winters tend to be very feeble and nothing like yours. As long as the roads get gritted, the rest can take care of itself. Any more prep is so rarely needed, it isn't economical to prepare. xx