Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Tuesday Tidbits


Woke up to a fiery red sky this morning. Absolutely beautiful, but that old saying kept running through my head. Red sky at night, sailor's delight, red sky at morning, sailor's take warning. Mind you we are not on the sea right now so other than some rain earlier there was nothing to worry about.

Headed out to the new pharmacy in town and got our Covid boosters this morning. So far no real pain in the arm at all just a tiny bit when I move it a certain way. Harvey says his really doesn't hurt much either. 

We are supposed to have nice weather for the rest of this week, so the two of us will be working in the yard. Branches need to be cut down, leaves racked, eavestrough cleared out. Still have plants to dump, and furniture to cover. Harvey wanted a day off with no work, so we took today off just in case the shots caused major problems. 

Yes, after 5 days of careful sewing I have finished the dress!! I need to give it a good pressing and then I can take a picture. Hoping to have the sets of Christmas ornaments done as well by Friday. This would mean I am actually doing very well on this months projects with perhaps no carry over into next month. What a joy, as Christmas baking will be starting and a few other projects will be started (and hopefully finished). I will also be making the second dress next month as well. Hopefully this one is a bit simpler.

Discovered a fairly bad leak on the toilet yesterday so Harvey started fixing it. He tried one thing, which didn't work and so this morning on the way back from our boosters, a Canadian Tire stop was made. He picked up the only other piece that could be causing the problem and that seems to be working. We don't need to pay for water being wasted. 

Still thinking about trying the shopping every three weeks. It could be done and I could still get points for scanning if I do other things on the third week... Like get gas, pick up prescriptions, that kind of thing. Or perhaps have our monthly brunch on the week I am not purchasing anything???? I haven't purchased fuel for the car since the 14th of September and we still have at least half a tank. I could probably go for another two or even three weeks at least. 

I am trying to stay away from the news as it hurts my soul so much. How can people be so cruel to each other? I just can't any longer. 

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.


  1. I agree with you about the news, I turn the sound off . I find it hard to think about those levels of inhumanity. Well done with the dress.

  2. I can't watch the news anymore. There is too much cruelty and hate in this world.

  3. I know we should be aware of what's going on around us but i don't watch news - well, hardly ever. So much is over my head, i don't remember things anyway and it is too depressing. I pay attention to local stuff and live my life. Some would say with my head in the sand but so be it. I'm happy.

  4. You will be pleased you finished your dress. We have the red sky saying here, but ours mentions shepherds, not sailors! I meant to ask you, was the cruise everything you hoped it would be?

  5. The world seems a very cruel and angry place at the moment, with so much destruction going on. I feel like I'm currently living in a little bubble and I am actually glad of it at the moment.

  6. Glad you had a lovely Thanksgiving. I somehow missed that that was why you were absent. I was starting to worry a little that you were okay, so when I read this post, I was very happy to read of the reason for your absence. Well done in getting all the blankets and other gifts made in time.

  7. Hi Jackie, The news hurts my soul too & at the risk of burying my head in the sand .. I am not watching it either. It makes me feel so sad about the state of the world. That red sky saying ... over here we say shepherds warning & not sailors. Maybe because we are a sheep & dairying country. Look forward to seeing your dress reveal. xx