Thursday, October 19, 2023

Thrifty Thursday


It has been another quiet day here on the old homestead. We worked outside and most things are now ready for any hint of winter. We still need to clear the eavestroughs of the fallen leaves, and cut down some branches, but that can wait until tomorrow. Being out in the fresh air made me very tired, but doing the work ourselves saved us a bundle. I would say that by the time the yard is ready we'll have saved ourselves enough to make up what our home insurance will cost this year. That seems to have risen well over $200. We haven't made a claim for probably 30 years so have no idea why it is so high. 

Thrifty happenings here were doing some mending, darning a couple of pairs of socks, and of course the usual decluttering that has been happening for awhile. 

I am going to include finishing projects here as having they laying around unfinished is not at all thrifty. Finished projects such as the one I managed to complete this week cost a bit of cash and not finishing them is a waste. Some will even come in handy as gifts down the road a bit.

No heat or air conditioning most days, though the furnace does come on at night. We have it about 2 degrees lower than usual so I am wondering what our natural gas and electrical bills will show. During the day the sun warms much of the house, sometimes even a bit too warm, and my thermal drapes keep the cold out at night. 

I am unhappy with myself as we had a bit of waste this month. Things just got pushed to the back of the fridge and by the time I realized that needed to be tossed. I will look into some small containers so that I can freeze things if they are not going to be used up right away.

There have been three times this week (well since Sunday) that I have cooked once and eaten twice. Nice to only have to heat something up in the microwave. Saves on electricity for sure.

Watched a few movies in the evening on the free streaming services I now have on the mini computer attached to my TV. Free is not only thrifty but frugal as well. 

Off to visit with you all for a bit and then get supper on the table.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. We're still in the high 90's - 97 today but the house is still cool and the AC hasn't kicked on because the sun is lower in the sky. It will kick on in the evening to cool things down after dinner. Forecast shows cooler temps in a couple of days. 70's to 80's. I'll take it.

  2. Don't feel bad - we can't do it all and you have done so much both inside and out to prepare for winter, haven't you? That's a great saving to go towards the insurance. xx

  3. Don't beat yourself up about a couple of mis-steps in frugality, you usually are so good!

  4. Our insurances have certainly increased here, due to bad weather events over the last few years, flooding, landslides, and earthquake damage. It doesn't matter if you havent made a claim the premiums still increase!

  5. I suspect the increase in insurance cost is due to all the disasters around the world. The insurance companies have to recoup their losses somehow and I imagine the rest of us are having to pay the price.
    Noticed Resident Chef darning some of his socks this afternoon (something I flatly refuse to do) so I guess maybe there ought to be a new pair under the tree for him. At the rate I'm going I think he's going to get the yarn and a promise!

  6. Well done for doing your own yard work. I sometimes accidently let things go over without intending to which is a bit annoying, but I wouldn't feel too bad about it. It happens.