Thursday, September 30, 2021

Thursday Tidbits


The end of another month has arrived. Time to fess up to how well or not well I managed to do with my project goals this month.

So onto the goals for this month.

1.  Cut the clothing my friend bought that belonged to her Dad to make a quilt for remembrance. Done.

2.  Start the quilt and finish it. Done.

3.  Work on T-shirt rug. Started yesterday and will continue until the end of this week.

4.  Watch the Bible Study Video's and chose which one/ones I would like to lead and pick which time I will attend. Done, I will be letting them know which I want to lead and the time I will be able to attend tomorrow at our meeting.

5.  Work on Cross Stitch. Nada

6.  Make Salsa. Done

7. Knit two scarves. Managed to knit 4.

8.  Finish little guys prayer shawl. Done.

9.  Sew labels on finished prayer shawls and drop them at the church. Done.

10.  Sandwich the quilt top that is in the sewing/craft room. Perhaps even get it quilted and bound (that could be pressing things though). Quilt is sandwiched and ready for the next steps.

11.  Make Eggplant Parma for the freezer. Done.

So all in all a good month for projects. I hope that next months projects go as nicely.

Here are a few pictures of the projects this month. Scarf wise I think this is two months worth as I am not sure if I posted my August scarves. And I forgot to ask my friend for a picture of the quilt I made for her.

Scarves to add to the collection.

The t-shirt rug as far as I have gotten.

And lastly while not a project I thought I would show you how big my lemon trees have gotten, and the two succulents I brought in to overwinter.

Oops forgot the picture of my sandwiched quilt.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.
God bless.

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Mid Week and Almost Month End.... Wow

 My back feels better today, not that I ever manage to get through a day without an aching back and sore hips, but at least the pain level has dropped. However sleep is not something that is happening right now. At least not uninterrupted for many hours sleep. I do hope that improves very soon as it is not nice to feel exhausted all day and not have much interest in getting things completed. This is not me at all.

Then last night Harvey hurt his knee coming up the stairs and is still in considerable pain. He won't go to the emergency here in the city as the wait times are terrible, and is using heat, ice and gentle walking to keep the pain at bay. Seems to be working, but as he says he has a very low pain tolerance so things are rough right now. 

The day has been pretty overcast and I have stayed very close to home, talking to family on the phone, working on a couple of crafts, tidying the sewing/craft room, and of course cooking. I just can not concentrate on anything for any length of time.

I was asked how I made my coleslaw and my baked spaghetti. So I will try to answer.

For coleslaw I usually very thinly slice cabbage and then grate a couple of carrots into the thinly sliced cabbage. Stir to combine them. Then I make a vinegar dressing to pour over and put in the fridge to allow the dressing to meld (not the correct word but all I can think of right now) with the vegetables. Harvey likes a creamy dressing and so every once in awhile and when Kraft Coleslaw dressing goes on sale I purchase a few bottles to give him his fav.

Baked Spaghetti is super easy. I take leftover spaghetti (I always make more than we need) and leftover sauce, mix them together in a bowl. Then using waxed paper to press everything down put it in a 9X9 pan and make sure I have pressed it well so it holds. Then I use a sprinkle of parmesan over top, and a good layer of cheddar cheese grated over that. Stick it in the oven and cook until cheese is melted and the sauce is bubbling. Usually about 30 or so minutes. Let sit for a few minutes and then cut in squares.

We had another 10 cases here in my corner of the southeast of my province. The whole of the southeast corner is getting bad and we have fewer and fewer people being vaccinated. I am really glad that I decided to try and stay out of stores as much as possible. Even shopping yesterday, while all were following masking rules, many were not following directional arrows. I was beginning to lose it and really felt like screaming.

The few things I could not find and a couple that I forgot to add to the list are down on the list for the next shopping trip. I am almost tempted to try for a month between but I do not think that is doable right now.

Tomorrow I hope to have pictures of finished projects to share with you. Though I did forget to take a picture of my friends quilt. Perhaps I can get one tomorrow.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Thrifty Tuesday

 This is going to be a short post. I did something to my back while shopping today (and it was a massive spending spree mainly because prices have risen so very much even in the past week). I do believe that I did get enough for the two weeks, perhaps even a bit longer in some cases. I am also hopeful that with fewer shopping trips less "wants" will end up in the cart.

While there didn't seem to be any empty shelves there were a couple of items I could not seem to find. One was shelf stable milk and the other was green peppers.

Today I darned another sock (my socks seem to be wearing out with great regularity). 

Fixed some hooks on a bra.

Used up lots of leftovers for lunches. 

Moved the ripening tomatoes to a place that I can easily see them and use them up.

Got the gladiolus bulbs drying so I can store them downstairs for the winter. 

Sewed batting together to have a big enough piece for my friends quilt. Collected the bits to use in other projects.

Saved the plastic bags to use for recycling, and to clean the kitty litter when Kris brings Eiko, the grandcat to visit.

We had a meeting with our financial planner as Harvey has reached the age where he had to move retirement savings into another vehicle instead of an RRSP. We moved the one into my name as I would be paying the lower tax.

Hopefully my back will be feeling better tomorrow so I can continue on my quest to get a few more of this months projects completed.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.

Monday, September 27, 2021

Menu Monday


A new week, a new menu and one that starts off the next month as well. Seems as if time is just flying right by. 


Leftover sausage casserole. 


Butter chicken, rice (or maybe noodles), frozen mixed vegetables.


Spaghetti and meat sauce served with a salad.


Leftover Butter Chicken, either leftover rice or leftover noodles, and the remains of the salad.

Friday (my goodness it is October and Thanksgiving is only 10 days away up here in Canada)

Fish Fillets, homemade fries, sliced tomatoes and cucumbers (yep still trying to use those cukes up).


Baked Spaghetti, coleslaw. Some of the Baked Spaghetti will be put into a container and frozen to be eaten later.


Roast pork, roasted potatoes and carrots. We will use up the coleslaw as well.

So there are my meals for the next week. At some point I will need to do some baking. I am very hopeful that both Kurt and Kris will be home for Thanksgiving. Close enough to their birthdays (16th, and 17th of October) that I can give them their birthday gifts as well. Usually just some money as they really are getting hard to buy for.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Sunday, September 26, 2021

Sunday Ramblings


We are back to wearing masks and social distancing at Mass once again. Not that Harvey and I really ever took them off, but it was very nice that Father could speak without one. By the end of his sermon he is hard enough to understand due to his getting excited without a mask, little lone wearing one. 

We have a meeting on Friday as to how we are going to present the bible study. With cases rising and mandates being reinstated for some things, it might be that we end up having to cancel half way through this bible study. That has happened with some of the previous studies. It would be too bad if this happens yet again as people pay quite a bit to attend.

Cases keep rising and our little 31,000 population area is almost at 90 cases. However our neighbouring 21,000 population area is at 126 cases so there is that. The southeast corner of my province and where we live is, well, made up of a great many anti whatever's. In fact some are so anti-vaccine they are giving up their jobs. I wonder if they realize they will not be eligible for unemployment if they quit. As my Mom would have said some people are not the brightest crayons in the box.

I finished the quilt today and will be dropping it off at my friends some time tomorrow. Now I get to work on my own projects and hopefully make some headway on them. The t-shirt rug, my cross stitch and my own quilt are calling me. I also need to get started on my Christmas gift list. Things are moving quickly towards that holiday and the end of the year.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Saturday, September 25, 2021

Saturday Roundup


This week has been busy, but after the marathon chopping session at the beginning of the week I have cut back on getting things done. There is always tomorrow (but I do want more of my monthly projects completed).

We had frost one night this week and right now my bell peppers and eggplant don't look too good. I am hoping we can nurse them along so I can get at least one more pick.

I am also happy to say that by tomorrow afternoon the quilt for my friend will be done. I am hopeful that by the end of the day I will have a little pillow made to accompany it. This will be leaving my home along with the small prayer shawl for the little fellow. It is D's nephew and I am sure she will see that he gets it.

I have pretty much made up my lists for the couple of stores I will be hitting next week and my lord they are long. Many of the items will last longer than the two weeks, but do need to be replaced in the pantry. If I had been planning on my usual shopping the list would be half as long, but since I am trying the two week thing between trips well this is what I will need to get used to. Rather large orders to begin with and then things getting a bit better as I get used to shopping this way once again. Both sides of my paper are pretty much filled. Scary at what this could cost this time.

All appointments for the remaining month are set up, and I am hopeful that we will be able to arrange next months visits with ease. Mind you that all depends on whether or not face to face appointments will be allowed. I have the feeling as the number of cases rise in my province we could be back to just phone appointments with doctors, no hair salon appointments, and definitely no dental appointments (I have a cleaning and check up next month).

Still working on using up as much as I can, wearing out and mending all that is possible. Stretching meals, and saving on electrical costs where I can. 

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Friday, September 24, 2021

Frugal Friday


It is cold today, in fact we had frost overnight and of course I did not cover my eggplant or peppers. They don't look too bad, but I am really hoping there is no frost tonight or we can say good bye to any more harvesting.

Harvey decided that tonight we are ordering in. I plan on ordering from our favourite pizza place as we will get free dry ribs with our order. I have even found a coupon that we can use as well. Still have salad from last night so we will be eating very well tonight.

Now for the very few frugal moves this week.

1.  Harvested all tomatoes and will be processing them as they ripen (though I did find a recipe for green salsa to use up some of them). 

2.  Windows open most days to keep the house cool.

3.  Made some bread crumbs from leftover bread.

4.  Used up all leftovers in the fridge for lunches or other meals this week.

5.  Working on getting all my projects done and made a list of groceries using the fliers to get this week. Since I will not be shopping the week before Thanksgiving I will be purchasing all necessary for that meal and trying to stock up on sale items for baking. I think this could be a fairly high bill.

Now to explain why I am trying so hard to only go shopping twice a month. This is something that I used to do when we lived 30 miles from the nearest grocery and there has been a big uptick in cases of Covid in my little area of southeast Saskatchewan. The more I can stay away from places where crazy anti-maskers and anti-vaccine people could be going is really in my best interest. Really my only trips out are to the grocery store, church and bank. The only one I worry about is the grocery store as people refuse to follow the arrows on the floor and really press against the social distancing thing. 

I am also trying to stock up on items in case the worst happens and the shelves start to empty. I know the harvests have not been as good as usual so flour, canola oil, and such will not be as easily available. Also ranchers are selling off their stock which could be making buying beef a treat rather than a usual shopping item. 

I will let you know how everything goes this week. Lots to purchase, lots to wonder if it is a need or a want. 

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Thursday Tidbits

 Last night I ended up taking a couple of pain pills in the middle of the night. I think it was from standing chopping, mixing, and doing a bit too much sewing (not as much as I would have liked however).

So what interesting things have been happening around here since we have been home.

We finished off the small redo in the bathroom. The tub skirt, made of fiberglass, had a really large crack in it. So something needed to be done to make the bathroom look wonderful once again.

First a board was cut and fitted into the slot. 

Then Harvey glued ceramic tile (couldn't get the large tiles though) and grouted it to the board. We then hauled it back upstairs and he fitted it in the slot. Added some plastic waterproof baseboard and we were done. Much less expensive than having to buy a new tub that's for sure.

I got all the fabric cut out of the clothing my friend brought over and made small piles on the sewing/craft room on the floor.

Here is what I managed to get that was more or less suitable.

I have managed to get more than this completed now. I hope to be sandwiching it tomorrow afternoon and binding it on Sunday.

I think I might have gotten a bit carried away yesterday processing the garden produce.

First I made Salsa from the ripe tomatoes. 

Another 5 jars added to the five already made and in the canning area of my pantry.

Then I moved on to my next task...since I now had a working oven.

Four more tinfoil meals of Eggplant Parma are now residing in the freezer for use this winter.

Lastly it was time to use up those leeks.

A lovely creamy pot of Potato Leek Soup. We still have two portions that I put in a container and slipped in the freezer. 

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Thrifty Tuesday

 First off I finally have my oven back!!! So happy that I used it to make the chicken casserole tonight just to try it out.

Now what thrifty things took place on the old homestead this week.

I line dried every thing and I hope that the weather holds for a bit longer so I can do so a few more times.

Windows have been open during the day. While it has been fairly warm, the breezes are cool and are keeping the house cool as well. The furnace has not been turned on once this month.

Taking my usual early morning walks and have been managing the 10k steps with ease.

The garden is pretty much done. Now I just have to make more salsa, and eggplant parma.

Getting rough idea of how much milk, how many eggs, and how much produce/fruit I need to purchase to last the two weeks. I will have to go and get some thing week, but will be able to purchase enough next time I do a big shop to last that much longer. 

I have gotten better at using up leftovers in other meals. Very little waste this week.

Everbody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Monday, September 20, 2021

Menu Monday


Well waiting on the appliance repair guy, but it is getting late and more and more likely he will not be coming. Though one never knows with this fellow.


Leftover sweet and sour ribs, leftover rice, and coleslaw.


Leftover Chicken, I may pull down the toaster oven and try making a small casserole in it. We will have the remains of the coleslaw as well.


Supposed to be Eggplant Parma, but not going to try without an oven. Instead I will make potato leek soup (didn't get it made last week). Perhaps some ham salad sandwiches with a smaller bag of leftover ham.


I am really hoping the oven is fixed by now and I will make a sausage casserole. Days are getting cooler and we will be wanting hearty meals once again (not that most of my meals aren't hearty). Probably fresh veggies and dip as well.


Breakfast for supper. I will be making pancakes. 


Left over sausage casserole.


A bag of leftover ham warmed up. Served with mashed potatoes, carrots, and an assortment of fresh veggies.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Sunday, September 19, 2021

Sunday Ramblings


It has been raining off and on for most of the afternoon. I am getting to the point where I want to scream out the window..."Rain and get it over with already."

I am not too sure if it is the weather or something else that is causing me angst today. I can't seem to concentrate on anything for very long. Hopefully it is just election worries and nothing else.

On to an update of my goals for this month (only 4 days late).

1.  Cut the clothing my friend bought that belonged to her Dad to make a quilt for remembrance.  Done

2.  Start the quilt and finish it.  Started and hopefully done before the end of the week.

3.  Work on T-shirt rug.  Cut up some more strips for this.

4.  Watch the Bible Study Video's and chose which one/ones I would like to lead and pick which time I will attend.  Watched the videos, but haven't notified the church of the class time I want to attend and which session I wish to lead.

5.  Work on Cross stitch.  Not done.

6.  Make Salsa. Got one batch made and hopefully another will be made this week at some point.

7. Knit two scarves.  Done, in fact I have knit 3 and started a fourth.

8.  Finish little guys prayer shawl.  Done, having a 9 hour drive one way to enjoy a holiday enabled me to get this finished.

9.  Sew labels on finished prayer shawls and drop them at the church.  Labels sewn on and now I will drop them off at the church early this week.

10.  Sandwich the quilt top that is in the sewing/craft room. Perhaps even get it quilted and bound (that could be pressing things though).  Not done

11.  Make Eggplant Parma for the freezer.  One batch made and in the freezer. Lots more on the plants so once the oven is fixed I should be able to get the last of the containers done for the freezer.

So all in all not really doing too badly. I should actually be able to start some Christmas gifts next month. Just planning on a couple of quilts for the sons, some Christmas ornaments, some coasters and perhaps some mug rugs. Those should be doable. Oh yeah, those cards need to be made as well.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 
God bless.

Saturday, September 18, 2021

Saturday Round Up

 First week home and really all I have done is get the house tidied, and work on a couple of projects. I feel like a sloth.

I did empty a couple more planters, transplant the succulents, dehydrate some herbs, pick the remaining cucumbers, and help Harvey with the minor reno in the bathroom. I also finished three scarves, and cut all the fabric for my friends quilt. Hopefully I can show pictures tomorrow (camera battery needs charging) and bring you all up to date on how I am doing with my goals for this month. 

Now not only have I got no oven, the coffee pot decided to stop working. Good thing we have the Keurig, cause if we didn't get our morning fix there would be problems. I think we would both be pretty darn grouchy. I don't know if we will get another one, instead I might just purchase some of those do it your self cups the next time I go shopping. As Harvey says, getting rid of the drip machine will open up some space on the counter. That is something we definitely need. 

I did some more cleaning and organizing in the sewing/craft room (the clothes my friend gave me to make the quilt were all over the floor, most were very unsuitable) so those are now in the recycle bin, and I have moved some more yarn into the living room to work on more scarves (I would like a few more completed this month). 

I might just start a list of Christmas gifts, and baking tonight as that holiday will be here very quickly. Days are rushing by.

My province has reinstated the mask mandate and by October 2nd no one who is not vaccinated will be allowed to go into events, bars, or eating establishments. Funny thing, once those were introduced on Thursday our vaccinations went up. In fact they are about 10X what they were before. We still have those who say they will never get a vaccination, and that our government has no right to ask it of us. Still small steps forward to a brighter tomorrow (now the unvaccinated can stay home...see how they like that, but they won't).

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Friday, September 17, 2021

Frugal Friday


1.  I am trying something new this month and hopefully it will work out just fine. I will only be shopping twice this month to see if this does in fact keep costs down. It might get a bit tougher once the garden is done, but I am keeping my fingers crossed. This is something I used to do when we were first married and the grocery store was almost 30 miles away. Surely now that we are back to being only two (with the occasional visitor) I can get back to this. I am calling this my first frugal happening this week.

2.  Clothes washing is still only taking place one day a week and I hang out all that I can. I even hung out the sheets.

3.  Went through the pantry and pulled those items that need to be used up pronto. Most can be incorporated into upcoming meals.

4.  Used all leftovers (though there is soup from last night to be used in some weekend lunches).

5.  Borrowed two recipe books from Kurt and will be copying a few from each. Saves me traveling to the library to see if they even have them.

6.  Working on projects to keep me busy as well as doing some fall cleaning bit by bit (the fall cleaning that is).

7.  Saved $17.49 on groceries this week. Not as good as some other times, but enough to make me happy.

8.  Repotted some succulents and brought them into the house. Hopefully they can be repotted outside come spring. The pots were given to me by my neighbour when she left.

9.  Put $100.00 in the savings envelope and  $21.80 in the change jars.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Thursday, September 16, 2021

Thursday Tidbits


Well I thought that I would finish off the holiday photo's tonight. Then it will be back to regular scheduled programming.

The second night Harvey neeFed a nap so I attended the firepit by myself. This was a wildlife night, and if it would have been about bears (saw this one twice) I would have gone back to the cabin and read. Well this one was about our antlered and horned friends that reside in the mountains.

First off the lady spoke about our noisy friends the elk. She even brought an antler with her.

Believe it or not this antler is about 4 1/2 feet long and only took a few months to grow to this size. They regrow the antlers every year and each year they get bigger provided the bull is healthy and get enough to eat.

Next up was this antler which I am sure most will recognise.

This came from a smaller moose and that probably died at a young age.

Next up was....

A big horn ram. I was amazed at how the brain of these animals was protected from them ramming their heads together fighting over the females. Double skulled in front and the brain of the animal well cushioned. I also learned that since the horns continue growing they sometimes interfere with the rams sight. To counteract that the rams will break off the ends of their horns.

The last one was a fake mountain goat (turned out to be a puppet). While not quite what we all expected the explanation of why no horns made sense. These animals live way up in the mountains and are very shy so finding a horn or two is very difficult.

It was a wonderfully informative fire talk.

The next day we decided it was time for a hike. So we set off for one that was quite close to the cabins. 

But first the elk that were blocking our way out. We had to wait for these 5 females to leave the area before we could mosey our way onto the road.

Harvey leading the way. It was very quiet in among the trees.  Well at least until Harvey let out a huge sneeze. Boy that echoed.

The path behind us.

Lots of small hills and later on rocks and roots. However we reached a portion of the trail where the route was probably at a 75 degree angle, upwards, and covered by lots of small rocks. After gazing at it for a few minutes we decided that it was just too much for us oldies and turned around and made our way back. In actuality we walked/hiked much farther doing this.

We left the area and made our way across the road so I could take some pictures of the Athabasca River.

While this river is fairly wide at this point in it's travels the river is pretty shallow with lots of rocks and rapids.

The road continued to the east so we though we should explore further.

This monument is erected as a reminder that there was an internment camp during World War I for Ukrainian and other east Europeans. They were used to make the roads in the park. The monument is quite close to where the camp was situated. 

Traveling to the end of the road meant we got to see this lovely lake (Mystic Lake) and the Jasper Lodge across the water.

The next day we got up early had breakfast and I made up a lunch to eat on the road. We started to make our way home, of course we would be staying at Kurt's overnight before making the 9 hour journey home.

While we were driving on a lonely road just outside of the park we saw these.

A little harem of mountain sheep, though I still think they were mountain goats. 

So there was our little get away. I am actually hopeful we can take another weekend and go to Regina to take in some of the sights we never get a chance to see on our stock up trips. Perhaps later in November, or even in January/February when I have to go for my yearly check up at the OB/GYN.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Quiet Times

 For our vacation we once again got to visit our happy place. We head to the mountains in Alberta, but not those around Banff. We find that area to be much too busy for relaxation. Instead we head up to Jasper. It is much quieter, and we can relax surrounded by beautiful scenery.

We usually break up the trip there and back by stopping at our oldest son's place about 5 hours from the park.

Day one saw us arrive at Kurt's place and enjoy some time on his lovely deck.

He has things set up so nicely and we enjoyed an adult beverage (or two) as well as the stew he had made for us out here.

The next day saw us head to Jasper.

Our lovely cabin with Harvey already relaxing on the front porch.

The cabins are located on a bluff overlooking the Athabasca and Miette Rivers. I usually take my coffee in the morning and sit on one of the wooden chairs and gaze at the wonders around me.

That night the firepit circle had some entertainment. We had First Nations Drummers come and explain what the songs and drums meant. Of course I learned something new in that the drums are all handmade and named. 

Love her ribbonskirt, and the large circle in the front is of a wolf and is a drawing that she did herself.

This little fellow kept wanting to play his Mom's drum.

The next day we traveled into the village and walked around. Harvey bought a Buffalo skin wallet as his wallet is starting to wear out. I bought a package that contained 3 different teas. Not too sure how I am going to like them as they are all maple flavoured. We shall see. 

Home to the cabin and I took a walk around the site, of course ending up on the bluff once again.

Now the elk are in rut right now and you can hear them calling constantly so it shouldn't have come as a surprise to see this doe frolic in the water.. However I had to run back and get my camera so missed taking pictures of her splashing and jumping. I did get these once she tired out though.

Turns out she was showing off for a male across the river which I didn't see until he moved when she reached the shore. 

That's enough for today. I have more to show you all soon. 

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Thrifty Tuesday


Not many thrifty moves this past week but there were a few.

Packed all food (except for a couple of items like eggs and milk) for our vacation.

Made a lunch to eat while coming back from leftovers from the trip and brought what we didn't use up home.

Darned a pair of socks today (the extent of mending for the week). 

Using up all that I can.

Borrowed 2 recipe books from Kurt that struck my fancy and found lots of recipes in the one I have perused. Some are even good for batch cooking which is what I would like to do, others that I have looked at make you cook a lot for one meal and then the leftovers can be made into other meals that are totally different.

I did my shopping today and I am hopeful that I bought enough to last us for two weeks. What with the Delta variant taking hold here I am hopeful of keeping visits out of the house down to a minimum. 

Used orphan balls and yarn that has been around for awhile in my knitting projects. Hopefully this will clear out space.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Monday, September 13, 2021

Menu Monday


I am back from holiday and raring to go. Well that could be a bit of an overstatement, I am ready to go as I have pretty much caught up on the household tasks. 

I will share pictures of our trip on Wednesday.

Since the oven is still out of commission (hopefully fixed tomorrow or the next day) meals will be stove top, BBQ or slow cooked. This does mean a few changes to what I had planned.


Hamburgers, sliced cukes and tomatoes.


Sundays leftovers warmed up in the microwave. This consists of rice and chicken in Honey Siracha sauce. Served with sides of sliced cukes and tomatoes. Perhaps some sliced green pepper as well.


A package of leftover chicken made into chicken a la king along with toasted homemade bread.


BBQ ribs, corn, rice, and sliced fresh veggies and dip.


Glace and eggs (cause if the oven isn't fixed this can be made on the stove top).


Leftover ribs and rice.


Hopefully I can roast a chicken. Serving it with mashed potatoes, gravy, peas and carrots. If not I will warm up some of the leftover ham and serve it with scalloped potatoes, peas and sliced fresh veggies.

Off to visit and try to catch up with you all.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.