Friday, September 17, 2021

Frugal Friday


1.  I am trying something new this month and hopefully it will work out just fine. I will only be shopping twice this month to see if this does in fact keep costs down. It might get a bit tougher once the garden is done, but I am keeping my fingers crossed. This is something I used to do when we were first married and the grocery store was almost 30 miles away. Surely now that we are back to being only two (with the occasional visitor) I can get back to this. I am calling this my first frugal happening this week.

2.  Clothes washing is still only taking place one day a week and I hang out all that I can. I even hung out the sheets.

3.  Went through the pantry and pulled those items that need to be used up pronto. Most can be incorporated into upcoming meals.

4.  Used all leftovers (though there is soup from last night to be used in some weekend lunches).

5.  Borrowed two recipe books from Kurt and will be copying a few from each. Saves me traveling to the library to see if they even have them.

6.  Working on projects to keep me busy as well as doing some fall cleaning bit by bit (the fall cleaning that is).

7.  Saved $17.49 on groceries this week. Not as good as some other times, but enough to make me happy.

8.  Repotted some succulents and brought them into the house. Hopefully they can be repotted outside come spring. The pots were given to me by my neighbour when she left.

9.  Put $100.00 in the savings envelope and  $21.80 in the change jars.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. I’ll be curious to hear how your new shopping schedule works out.

  2. We try very hard not to shop any more than once every couple of weeks and mostly it works. Our main thing is running out of fresh fruit/vegs and milk. Right now we're spending a little too much at roadside markets but it's corn and zucchini season so hard to resist.

  3. Hi Jackie, I only shop twice monthly - in fact if I have to go for anything extra it is usually cat food & not human food! The garden gives us alot & we eat whats in season. Your succulents sound great - they are such hardy plants. Have a great weekend Jackie. Julie 😊🖤

  4. All sounds really good, what are you saving for? I have 2 saving accounts, one called Rainy day and the other Bits and Bobs, both used for house improvements and very useful to have and they grow because I save before I spend.