Thursday, September 2, 2021

Thursday Tidbits

 It has been an upside down kind of day. Things started off very well, but got worse as the day progressed.

I got up, had coffee and started the salsa. My recipe is one from Company's Coming a series of Canadian cookbooks that I really like as the ingredients are easy to find. I will share it with you all on Saturday.

We are not big salsa eaters and so these 5 jars will last us the winter. Still lots of tomatoes to use and I must figure out if I want to make more. Surprisingly the recipe said 5 pint jars and that is exactly what was made.

I then went shopping and I was in and out before Harvey was even dressed. That was after dropping the donation bags at the Salvation Army. The store decided to move a few things around so I had to do a bit of a search even.

After lunch I decided that I had better use up the eggplant and so started my Eggplant parma.... I turned on the oven to warm it up as I sliced and peeled the eggplant and got started with the coating. Hmmm, all of a sudden my stove made a strange noise. I didn't pay any attention and continued with my task. The eggplant was ready to be baked to a golden brown and was put in the oven. Surprise my oven would not heat up past 270F and it needed to be at 350F. So I kept fiddling and even though the temperature said it was correct it kept dropping. I left them in to see what would happen (they didn't get as baked as they should have) and read my manual. I think the baking element is gone, and once I figured that out made a call to someone to fix it. Lord knows when we will hear from him.

Now those trays of eggplant needed to be made into parma and I  had no oven to bake them. What to do.

Thank heavens we are able to buy a few things without worrying about where the money is coming from anymore (there was a time when that was not the case). I quickly drove to Walmart and searched the shelves for a large toaster oven. Found exactly what I was looking for (can you believe this large one was less money than a smaller one?) grabbed it and headed home. 

I did have to bake them one at a time, but at least there are 4 meals in the freezer.

All labeled, cooled and put away.

This one, however became our supper.

I was just too tuckered out to make the stew I had planned. I will do that tomorrow.

Now I just have to figure out where to store the rather huge new appliance I now have. Has to be fairly close to the kitchen because until the oven is repaired I will be using it to make meals. Next thing I will try is cookies, I think I have a small enough cookie sheet to fit.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. Appliances never break when you don't need them but what a great solution!

  2. Tomatoes and eggplant? Try this! It is fabulous. I don't "flavor" it. I freeze in 1 quart containers and then vacuum seal. I use this for all pasta dishes and for a great nutritious chili base. I make a triple batch in an 11 quart stockpot.

    It's a 6 hour process but oh my so so yummy!

  3. Oh goodness, I'm so sorry about your oven! Clever you to think of getting a toaster oven to fill the gap though. Looking forward to seeing your salsa recipe (more tomato jam and spaghetti sauce in the works here today)

  4. I'm sorry to hear about your oven. I hope it can be repaired soon. Good thinking on the toaster oven. I love eggplant and your meals look delicious! I'm going to add some to my freezer cooking menu.

    I told DH to make salsa to can, because we have way too many tomatoes.

  5. Of course things break down when needed most. What a shame, but you did well with the toaster oven. I have a slightly smaller one and your predicament reminds me I can use it, should I need to.

    Since I only have a few tomatoes, I'm making some tomato paste today.

  6. Well how frustrating. I swear major appliances just don't last, but at least you found a temporary fix!