Wednesday, September 1, 2021

A New Month, Update on Goals, New Monthly Goals


Well I guess I had better own up to how poorly I did last month, though I do have a bit of an excuse for failing.

1.  Work on cross stitch. Not done at all.

2.  Make those darn cards I keep putting off. Ditto with this.

3.  Work on t-shirt rug. I did do a bit of work on this.

4.  Sandwich and quilt one top (perhaps even get some binding on it as well). Done

5.  Cut the denim from those jeans that Kurt brought home into 4" squares. Done

6.  Knit two scarves.  Got one scarf done.

7.  Work on processing the garden produce.  Been working on this one constantly.

One of the reasons I did not get more done is that a little fellow saw his grandmother's prayer shawl and asked if her friend would make him a green one. I found green yarn in my stash and have been working on that. As the yarn is fairly fine, it is taking much longer than I thought it would.

I also needed to clean up my sewing/craft room so that I had the space to work on those cards. I should be able to do them this month.

So onto the goals for this month.

1.  Cut the clothing my friend bought that belonged to her Dad to make a quilt for remembrance. 

2.  Start the quilt and finish it.

3.  Work on T-shirt rug.

4.  Watch the Bible Study Video's and chose which one/ones I would like to lead and pick which time I will attend.

5.  Work on Cross stitch.

6.  Make Salsa.

7. Knit two scarves.

8.  Finish little guys prayer shawl.

9.  Sew labels on finished prayer shawls and drop them at the church.

10.  Sandwich the quilt top that is in the sewing/craft room. Perhaps even get it quilted and bound (that could be pressing things though).

11.  Make Eggplant Parma for the freezer.

Long list, but if I put my mind to it I can probably make a huge dent in it.

I was asked if it was hard to grow eggplants. The answer is not really. They love hot weather so this growing season has been perfect. The problem I find is getting seeds or plants. It used to be very easy when I first started growing them, but now gardeners have found out how wonderful fresh eggplants are in comparison to store bought and finding plants or seeds is very difficult. This year Kris found some seeds and started them in his little greenhouse for me. We had thought they might not make it, but finally took hold and really grew like weeds.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 
God bless.


  1. You always have such an ambitious list and you always manage to accomplish a lot! That is wonderful! Are you going to make a quilt out of the denim you are saving? I've been saving some old jeans and thought I might make a picnic quilt for the kids out of it. Take care Jackie!

  2. From my perspective, I think you've accomplished a fair bit on last months goals. :) I'd be embarassed to make a list and then share what 'didn't' get done! :) Kudos to you!

  3. Thanks for answering my question about growing eggplants. So kind of you to make a green prayer shawl for the little guy. You have set yourself quite an ambitious goals list.

  4. I like the idea of setting monthly goals but I know myself well enough to know that it would be a lesson in frustration when I would rarely get a single thing checked off by the end of the month. It's fun to read about your efforts!

  5. I love your list! And, interested to see how you make salsa. Yum! I'm planning to make salsa verde, but our tomatillos have produced very little this year, so we shall see.

  6. Hi Jackie, I think you accomplish a lot but I know you are like me and have an expectation of getting more done in the hours. I've gotten so I now feel okay if I only sew one row of something, every little bit,even the tiniest,is moving the project along, so now I'm more relaxed with it. How sweet you are to make a prayer shawl for that little fellow. How wonderful to be enjoying food you've grown yourself. I can't get over how much better home grown tomatoes taste than those in a store.

  7. I love your lists, because they just sound like fun. But I know you are deep into the garden right now ad that has to come first.

  8. I agree with other posters, you definitely accomplish a lot. Setting down a project or two, to do something special for the little guy is such a sweet thing to do. And with all that garden produce I'm amazed you get anything more done.