Saturday, September 18, 2021

Saturday Round Up

 First week home and really all I have done is get the house tidied, and work on a couple of projects. I feel like a sloth.

I did empty a couple more planters, transplant the succulents, dehydrate some herbs, pick the remaining cucumbers, and help Harvey with the minor reno in the bathroom. I also finished three scarves, and cut all the fabric for my friends quilt. Hopefully I can show pictures tomorrow (camera battery needs charging) and bring you all up to date on how I am doing with my goals for this month. 

Now not only have I got no oven, the coffee pot decided to stop working. Good thing we have the Keurig, cause if we didn't get our morning fix there would be problems. I think we would both be pretty darn grouchy. I don't know if we will get another one, instead I might just purchase some of those do it your self cups the next time I go shopping. As Harvey says, getting rid of the drip machine will open up some space on the counter. That is something we definitely need. 

I did some more cleaning and organizing in the sewing/craft room (the clothes my friend gave me to make the quilt were all over the floor, most were very unsuitable) so those are now in the recycle bin, and I have moved some more yarn into the living room to work on more scarves (I would like a few more completed this month). 

I might just start a list of Christmas gifts, and baking tonight as that holiday will be here very quickly. Days are rushing by.

My province has reinstated the mask mandate and by October 2nd no one who is not vaccinated will be allowed to go into events, bars, or eating establishments. Funny thing, once those were introduced on Thursday our vaccinations went up. In fact they are about 10X what they were before. We still have those who say they will never get a vaccination, and that our government has no right to ask it of us. Still small steps forward to a brighter tomorrow (now the unvaccinated can stay home...see how they like that, but they won't).

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. Vaccinations are up here in Ontario too - primarily because of the introduction of a vaccine passport system. Anything that works to convince people to do the right thing!
    Sorry about your coffee pot - we rely on our Keurig and know we'd buy another one in a matter of hours if it went on the fritz.

  2. You've accomplished a lot since returning home from your vacation. I'm mightily impressed!

    I got rid of the Keurig and since I've switched to tea, my drip coffee pot will likely last forever. My son only makes a pot once on the weekend.

    I'm thrilled that Slow Moe finally put in some restrictions. We won't see the results, beyond the increased vaccination rate, for a couple of weeks but hopefully the number of new cases, and especially the hospitalizations will drop soon. As you say, it would nice if the unvaccinated would stay home but they won't.

  3. I agree with Magpie, the vaccinations went up in Ontario, when the new restrictions were introduced.