Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Quiet Times

 For our vacation we once again got to visit our happy place. We head to the mountains in Alberta, but not those around Banff. We find that area to be much too busy for relaxation. Instead we head up to Jasper. It is much quieter, and we can relax surrounded by beautiful scenery.

We usually break up the trip there and back by stopping at our oldest son's place about 5 hours from the park.

Day one saw us arrive at Kurt's place and enjoy some time on his lovely deck.

He has things set up so nicely and we enjoyed an adult beverage (or two) as well as the stew he had made for us out here.

The next day saw us head to Jasper.

Our lovely cabin with Harvey already relaxing on the front porch.

The cabins are located on a bluff overlooking the Athabasca and Miette Rivers. I usually take my coffee in the morning and sit on one of the wooden chairs and gaze at the wonders around me.

That night the firepit circle had some entertainment. We had First Nations Drummers come and explain what the songs and drums meant. Of course I learned something new in that the drums are all handmade and named. 

Love her ribbonskirt, and the large circle in the front is of a wolf and is a drawing that she did herself.

This little fellow kept wanting to play his Mom's drum.

The next day we traveled into the village and walked around. Harvey bought a Buffalo skin wallet as his wallet is starting to wear out. I bought a package that contained 3 different teas. Not too sure how I am going to like them as they are all maple flavoured. We shall see. 

Home to the cabin and I took a walk around the site, of course ending up on the bluff once again.

Now the elk are in rut right now and you can hear them calling constantly so it shouldn't have come as a surprise to see this doe frolic in the water.. However I had to run back and get my camera so missed taking pictures of her splashing and jumping. I did get these once she tired out though.

Turns out she was showing off for a male across the river which I didn't see until he moved when she reached the shore. 

That's enough for today. I have more to show you all soon. 

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.


  1. Looks like an absolutely incredible place to have a holiday. And lucky you to be able to photograph the elk!

  2. Loved the photos. We have elk here in California - beautiful creatures.

  3. What a wonderful and relaxing place that must be! That is just my kind of vacation, lots of nature. Kurt has a beautiful deck. I imagine it was relaxing sitting out there too!

  4. What an incredibly beautiful place to visit. I've been to Banff (many, many years ago) but never to Jasper.

    I absolutely love the sound of the drums. Such beautiful music.

  5. Sounds and looks absolutely beautiful, and what a lovely time to meet up with your son on the way.. such a relaxing place and a place to be near to God.

  6. I love the beautiful set up on that back porch, how lovely.

  7. what a coincidence, I was just reading up about Jasper the other day. If you could leave me a comment on my blog about the site you are staying at, and/or could recommend a place to stay that would be wonderful. I will not post it. Thanks, Jackie.