Sunday, September 19, 2021

Sunday Ramblings


It has been raining off and on for most of the afternoon. I am getting to the point where I want to scream out the window..."Rain and get it over with already."

I am not too sure if it is the weather or something else that is causing me angst today. I can't seem to concentrate on anything for very long. Hopefully it is just election worries and nothing else.

On to an update of my goals for this month (only 4 days late).

1.  Cut the clothing my friend bought that belonged to her Dad to make a quilt for remembrance.  Done

2.  Start the quilt and finish it.  Started and hopefully done before the end of the week.

3.  Work on T-shirt rug.  Cut up some more strips for this.

4.  Watch the Bible Study Video's and chose which one/ones I would like to lead and pick which time I will attend.  Watched the videos, but haven't notified the church of the class time I want to attend and which session I wish to lead.

5.  Work on Cross stitch.  Not done.

6.  Make Salsa. Got one batch made and hopefully another will be made this week at some point.

7. Knit two scarves.  Done, in fact I have knit 3 and started a fourth.

8.  Finish little guys prayer shawl.  Done, having a 9 hour drive one way to enjoy a holiday enabled me to get this finished.

9.  Sew labels on finished prayer shawls and drop them at the church.  Labels sewn on and now I will drop them off at the church early this week.

10.  Sandwich the quilt top that is in the sewing/craft room. Perhaps even get it quilted and bound (that could be pressing things though).  Not done

11.  Make Eggplant Parma for the freezer.  One batch made and in the freezer. Lots more on the plants so once the oven is fixed I should be able to get the last of the containers done for the freezer.

So all in all not really doing too badly. I should actually be able to start some Christmas gifts next month. Just planning on a couple of quilts for the sons, some Christmas ornaments, some coasters and perhaps some mug rugs. Those should be doable. Oh yeah, those cards need to be made as well.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 
God bless.


  1. Sometimes a rainy, dark day can really get you down. I hope you feel better tomorrow. You have gotten a lot done this month, even with the vacation!

  2. Sounds like you've made good inroads on your goals. And yes, the unnecessary and also scary.

  3. Those mug rugs are so cute! When I get my eyes fixed I hope to get back to sewing again. Sounds like you’re doing a good job meeting your goals, that’s terrific.

  4. Wow, you've been busy! I've started Christmas shopping, I don't expect I'll be making any gifts this year. They didn't appear to appreciated last year.

  5. Wow it looks to me t like you have really worked hard with all those dones!