Friday, September 3, 2021

Frugal Friday

 The end of what used to be our work week, but now that we are retired is pretty much just another day.

So what frugal happenings have been taking place on the old homestead.

1.  It is still nice enough to hang the laundry outside to dry and with the breezes we have been getting things are still drying quickly.

2.  Windows were wide open for all but the last couple of days all day and all night. It did get warm enough over the last while that we needed to close them and let the air conditioner cool things down.

3.  Walked every day and I seem to be getting my steps in just fine. In fact one day I almost made 15k steps. Don't ask me how as most days I struggle to get 10 or 11K. 

4.  Using up produce from the garden and I hope to use up even more when we get home. I do think the cucumbers are slowing down a bit.

5.  Back to baking bread twice a week. We only go through 2 loaves a week (some weeks even less) and I was getting very lax about baking my own.

6.  All meals made at home from things I had on hand.

7.  Saved $29.34 on groceries this week just buying what was on sale and what was on my list.

8.  While this was not really frugal, I bought a counter top portable toaster oven. A big one. Eventually it will save us electrical costs as it does not use as much power. I just have to learn how to use it. 

Other than those things the appliance repair guy dropped by today and told me if he had the baking element at home he would be back tomorrow after giving us a call first. If not it would need to be ordered and could take 10 days or more to get here. Now I am really glad that I got this new appliance cause I know I will be making more eggplant parma before that.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. I do miss the days of being able to hang our laundry outside (we live in an apartment now) but have to admit that we're doing most of our laundry by hand since Covid hit. Our communal machines here aren't kept up they way they should be and we just haven't felt overly safe using them for anything but what is absolutely necessary. We put up an extra tension rod over our bathroom tub and it works really well. Even better was the fact that all last winter we didn't need to run the humidifier AND the fact that we're saving at least $30/month in laundry costs. Guess that could be classed as being frugal!

  2. It's quite cool in the mornings now, so the house definitely cools off. I leave my bedroom window open at night, though the rest are closed. I think I've only had the a/c cut in once in the last couple of weeks.

  3. I haven't hung my laundry outside since before the fires in late June. Falling ash and that smoke smell is not something you want on your sheets or clothing. I also miss taking long walks on a trail - the treadmill just doesn't cut it.

    Better days are coming...when the cooler temps and rain come in.

  4. Sounds like a good week, Jackie. Good job on getting so many steps in. Bailey gets her 10K every day, but I could do some work on mine.

  5. I am happy the oven can be fixed. Garden's are so great until they start to really produce and then you are swamped and it is not so great until you get to eat the stuff you put up and it is really great again!

  6. I too, miss being able to hang laundry outside. Nobody does it here, so we just use the dryer. I'm hoping that your repairman has the heating element for your oven.
    I'm really loving this cooler air. We've had our windows open all week too. Nothing beats fresh air, so I'm enjoying it before it gets too cold to open them again.