Saturday, October 21, 2023

Saturday Roundup


This week will be my roundup of the projects that I have gotten done during the past 7 days. Some of course are still being worked on, but I am hopeful of getting them completed by the end of next week. One will probably be carried over into next month, but I am going to try my hardest to get it done as much as possible.

First off here is the dress I made. Still on the hanger, but it is now ironed and in my closet. I think I might have made it out of a touch too heavy knit fabric. Next time there will be changes in fabric and cut. 

I do love the large pockets, and the drape of the front. Find it a bit narrow in the back though so that would be one area I would change next time. 

I finished the phrase in this baby quilt square. It is ironed now and put with the other squares. Now, just to find the proper fabric to finish it off. I will need to decide if I want to cut large squares to go in between or perhaps just do some slashing.

Christmas ornaments 1/3 completed hopefully I will cut the vinyl tomorrow and add the first half to each. Names on one side and then wings for Krista and something Christmassy on the others. The white ones will be for Krista. 

And lastly the knitted blanket for Kurt's friend. This is the one project that will probably go into next month. But that is okay as it should actually be almost completed. 

Off to visit with you all and then get supper started.... Thinking not what I have on the menu, but perhaps a package of Cabbage Bread. Really getting lazy here.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. You been a busy girl! Wonderful treasure there. Love the dress - such a pretty color.

  2. The dress is very nice. I love large pockets too but it's the color that I love most. Nice work on everything.

  3. The dress looks so nice. I would never attempt sewing a dress.

  4. Goodness, you've been busy. The color of the dress is lovely.

  5. Oh, how neat Jackie! The dress and baby quilt square are beautiful and I love the ornaments.

  6. It all looks really lovely. xx

  7. Love the colour of your dress. You have been very busy!

  8. You've got a lot of crafting done this week, must be very satisfying.

  9. Some beautiful makes there Jackie. You've been very busy.