Monday, March 11, 2024

Menu Monday


Time for another weekly menu, and this week I am doing a clean out the fridge and fridge freezer week of cooking. As is usual, things seem to build up in those hidden corners and I have become pretty darn lax at getting them gone. 


A bag of frozen leftover roast beef made into Beef Stroganoff. I will fry up the leftover potatoes from last night, and set out the leftover cucumber slices and grape tomatoes.


I will be using up a bag of leftover pork roast from the freezer. I think Pork Hash will be the menu item. Served with peas as the second veggie.


Leftover stroganoff served over noodles. Probably mixed veggies as the side.


Leftover pork hash, this time with corn as the veggie and perhaps some green beans.


Perogies and sour cream.


Pulling out the other container of leftover Chicken Casserole (will be adding some more tomatoes to it).


Beef roast, roasted potatoes, gravy and roasted carrots. I will have done the weekly shop so salad will also be on the menu.

I should make a pumpkin pie and perhaps another pumpkin cake which I will slice and freeze.

I will probably make a few changes to next weeks menu those days we are home in order to clear some more room, in the dreaded drawers. Perhaps I should actually continue the clear out the fridge freezer for as long as I can. I will need to see what is left after this week and do a bit of planning.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. I call those hidden surprises Science experiments!
    I never can get enough of pumpkin pie! 🥧

  2. Your weekly meal plans always look so very delicious. xx

  3. We had left overs last night as well. I didn't have enough peas to go with it, so added some carrots. Juist planned the next 3 meals based on what I have on hand, and will need a few items at the store to make those meals happen. I find I do better with putting left overs in ziplock bags instead of containers. #1, I can see better what's there, the amount which helps me plan and I tend to use them better that way, #2 Things seem to thaw quicker which is a real plus when you forgot to mid afternoon to decide what you're having, lol

  4. How about some leftover pumpkin pie!? I will be right over.

  5. Pumpkin pie is not a thing here, but now that the weather is getting col,er, I'll soon be making some pumpkin soup, so tasty.

  6. Resident Chef made a pumpkin dessert this week (most of it went in the freezer). We only have dessert on the weekends so it will last a long time.