Friday, March 1, 2024

Storm Warning


I woke up this morning to dark, cloud covered skies and got my behind in gear to get all the errands done before the storm hit. Managed that quite nicely and here it is mid afternoon and no storm as of yet. 

Still the temperature has dropped 7 degrees, putting us below freezing, and the wind is really picking up. After checking the weather app on my laptop, turns out that the storm is not supposed to start until Saturday and continue through Sunday as well. The amount of snow we could receive has now doubled. This storm is coming up from Montana and we know it won't miss us this time around. Never does if it comes from Colorado or Montana.

I did get my household tasks completed, and got all the budget lines filled in. We were under budget on all expense lines which is lovely. I was really happy to see we were under budget for groceries as well. However, todays shop has scared me about how we will do this month. I can see stretching happening, and I am hopeful that my next trip will not be quite as expensive. We shall see. 

Once home (and before checking the weather again), I checked the candle supply and extra blankets in case the power disappears. I am also making sure that all electronics are fully charged and will continue to make sure into tomorrow. I also made sure the flashlights all worked and have batteries handy just in case.

I have checked to see if the camp stove is in the same place and that we have fuel for it. Using it means opening a window slightly, but warm food makes up for that slight inconvenience. Tomorrows meal is chili a perfect meal for a camp stove. Might not get toast to go with, but if I am up early enough tomorrow I will bake some buns.

March is always an up and down month here on the Canadian Prairies. We just need to remember to be prepared and plan ahead if at all possible. 

I did manage to get all my goals done. Well mostly. I didn't get the cough drops made. That was mainly because my glass jar is full of Hall's still. I guess I will leave those until next fall.

It is time to list my goals for this month and I am hoping to finish most of them, if not all of them.

1. Counted cross stitch angel. Plan on getting as much done as possible.

2.  Sandwich the baby quilt.

3.  Finish the first lapghan.

4.  Start the next lapghan. 

5.  Make pantry book.

6.  Make freezer books (I want to get two books done, one for the meat freezer and one for the chest freezer).

7.  Copy at least 14 recipes of the ones we have tried onto index cards. Add them to the recipe album.

8.  Cut out a top.

9.  Cut out a pair of shorts.

If there are some days left there are a very few other items I would like to get started this month. I am trying to get everything that I need to done before gardening starts.

Everybody have a wonderful evening, and if you are going to experience any storms stay safe.

God bless.


  1. It was neat to read your storm preparedness, Jackie. I do the same things. We have asked for emergency supplies like led lanterns and a radio for gifts from SIL. We now keep our generator in the back hallway...move it outside in use of course, because we can't manage to move it ourselves from the garage where we used to keep it. Being prepared gives you lots of peace of mind. I hope the storm is just an old fashioned snowy one, nothing extreme. You two will be cosy.

  2. YAY on staying under budget all the way around. That is huge.
    So sorry you are getting hit by snow again. Sounds like you are well prepared. Stay safe and warm!!!

  3. I do hope the storm isn't as bad as the forecast suggests. We're still at the 6 inch mark according to the latest report, but my daughter and grandson are much like you with a potential of twice as much. The radar seems to suggest it is a slow moving storm, which would account for the significant accumulation.
    Stay warm and dry and safe!

  4. I'm sorry you're getting bad weather again Jackie. Thankfully, you were able to run your errands before it hits. Well done on being under budget! Stay safe & warm. Wishing you & Harvey a wonderful weekend!

  5. Better to be prepared, hopefully it isn't too bad if you get it.
    PS, i love toast cooked over an open burner.

  6. It must be worrying to have a storm warning. I hope it passes you by with no problems.

  7. Oh dear a storm warning. Did it eventually? You seem really well prepared for such an emergency.

  8. Hope the predicted storm is a non-event or at least not as bad as they're anticipating. Stay safe!

  9. Hopefully, the snow won't be as bad as they have forecast. Well done for being so well prepared anyway. xx