Thursday, February 29, 2024

Thrifty and Frugal Thursday

 Thrifty and Frugal 

The last day of this month, and it turned into a sunny and fairly decent day. However, that being said I am heading out to the grocery, bank, and pharmacy tomorrow as we are once again under an extreme weather watch starting Saturday. According to the weather pundits we could get up to 5 inches of snow by the time the system moves out of the province. We shall see as the last time we got absolutely nothing. Hope to have a good haul for a reasonable cost (whatever that is in these times). 

My frugal and thrifty past times this week, for the most part, have been sticking close to home, looking through the grocery flyers to make my grocery lists, and using up items in the freezer and pantry to make our meals. There has been mending, using up leftovers for our lunches, baking bread, baking muffins and making a lovely pumpkin cake (that's a recipe I plan on keeping and using more often).

Time has been spent making next months cleaning list, planning my goals and projects for next month, and putting in some new contracts for our phones and internet online (boy that worked in the blink of an eye). 

I have had free coffee with a friend, and took advantage the days that it wasn't freezing out to take a bit of a walk outside for free exercise. 

Sent in my reports to HomeScan, and did a survey on that site to get even more points. 

Today the craft supplies from this month were put away for a bit, and the items needed for next month brought out. If lucky to get all those completed I will be starting another quilt top out of all the 4" squares I have cut out and put away. 

Continuing to read the Back to Basics book (well at least those chapters that fit into our lifestyle) and have read a little bit in the Simpler Living book as well.

It has really been a laid back week, and to tell the truth when I was feeling so rotten yesterday, I was very glad that it was. Couldn't imagine what a jam packed week of cleaning and projects would have done to me.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. I got the weather alert today too. It is suggesting we may see as much as 7 inches of snow over the weekend. I am certainly hoping that the forecast is wrong, or at least that we get far less snow.
    Welcome March, I guess!

  2. Hope you are beginning o feel better, Jackie.

  3. It truly sounds like a lovely week. Stay safe and warm!

  4. So the weather is still up and down! Must be Canada, eh?

  5. Fingers crossed it's exactly the same as last time. It's Spring - not the time for snow!!
    Take care and I hope you feel loads better very soon. xx

  6. Glad you've had a chilled week at home. Hope you're feeling better soon.

  7. I'm running errands later today too. Stay safe!

  8. You always do so well Jackie! I like getting new ideas from you.

  9. I was quite proud of myself yesterday because I had wanted to do a 'stained glass' grid on my new landscape and ran out of the iron-on tape I was using before I got to go in the second direction. I searched for a source online and found some on Amazon and went so far as to put it in my cart. Thought better of it when I contemplated the cost and removed it. My grid will be stripes instead of a grid and I'm claiming it's a design element.