Friday, February 9, 2024

Recipe Friday


I was asked about my Salmon Patty recipe. So today I thought I might share it with you all. Really it isn't very hard, but something we really enjoy eating at least once a month.

Salmon Patties

1 tin of canned salmon (if there are more than the two of us I will use 2 cans)

1/4 cup chopped onion (we like our onions in this house)

a good sprinkle of Old Bay

1 egg

a bit of lemon juice

enough bread crumbs so all holds together

Drain the tinned salmon (I usually don't drain it totally). Some people remove the bones, but as they are soft I usually leave them in for more calcium. 

Add the chopped onion (tonight as I have lots of green onion to use that is what I am going to use)

Give a good sprinkle of Old Bay seasoning (or you can use a good sprinkle of dill instead)

Add the egg and a bit of lemon juice.

Mix in enough bread crumbs to make the patties hold together well.

Fry in some oil or spray your pan with cooking spray.


Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.


  1. Num. Pretty much how I make them too. I use tuna sometimes too - it is cheaper and has a milder taste.

  2. Looks pretty much like what we do too, but with the exception of the Old Bay seasoning. Going to have to get some to try.

  3. Yep that sounds like the way my mom made them. Although I do remember at times she used saltine crackers when she was out of bread crumbs. I have a can of salmon in my cupboard that is calling to me. My mom used to make these creamed potatoes and onions as the side and it was so good.

  4. Sounds delicious! I usually have difficulty getting them to stay together so must try it your way.

  5. I use one cooked russet potato, a green onion and a stalk of celery, both finely chopped, per tin of salmon, as well as an egg and Mrs Dash lemon pepper. I then form 1/2 cup patties and coat in fine breadcrumbs and bake in 350 F oven for 30 minutes, flipping halfway through. I get about 8 or 9 patties each time I make this as I use 2 tins of salmon. (I’m cooking for my husband and myself as well as our strapping 25 year old son. Sometimes I use red potatoes instead of russets

  6. That sounds delicious and very adaptable, thanks. xx

  7. Nice. What is Old Bay? Is it a spice?

  8. I do enjoy salmon patties, but I was never able to get my kids to eat them. Your recipe and my moms were basically the same. They are pretty simple and so tasty!

  9. Sounds delicious. I make mine very similar. I use cornmeal and dill in mine. We have them about once a month here too.

  10. I love salmon patties and cook then now and again, it makes a very reasonably priced meal. But add mashed potatoes to the fish, plus finely chopped onions too, we love our onions too. Have you ever tried French Oinon soup?

  11. Gosh that sounds delicious Jackie & something my (fussy) husband would enjoy. I shall print it out. Thank you for sharing it. xx