Sunday, February 4, 2024

Sunday Ramblings


It has been a rather quiet day here on the old homestead. Harvey is not feeling well, so we stuck pretty close to home. I ended up watching Mass online. At least my back did not have to suffer through sitting on a very hard pew. 

I did the few things necessary to get ready for the next week, such as making my to do list, and bringing up the main courses for our suppers. 

I put away the few dishes in the dish drainer, cleaned emails, and even got into the sewing/craft room. Still more to do in that room, but at least I have put the fabric scraps away, and got some bags together for projects next month. I hope to do a bit more in there later tonight. 

Once again it is dark and dreary so my crafting for the day has been working on my knitting. I hope to finish the first skein/ball off tonight and start on the second ball (however I am not going to push myself to get done). 

Youngest son sent me a text yesterday, with a picture to show that all the lily bulbs he planted have grown, or at least started to grow. He also gave me a list of the flowers he wants to start for his flower beds and his pots. Oh, my goodness, he is going to have lots of plants. He is also planning on starting some beach plum bushes. I am kind of hoping that I can grab some calendula plants from him for my lotions and salves. Then of course there will be the garden veggies he will want to start as well. He has promised to start us some eggplant and some peppers as well. 

I have been getting an ad on Facebook with lists of plants. I want to do a bit of a divide (well hiding a sightline) and I have been trying to think what to grow. This ad says they have a very hardy kiwi vine and that would probably work and actually give us a fruit to eat as well. Might have to do a bit of research on that and perhaps even order. 

I hope to have some pictures of my various projects next week. I have actually gotten some of my goals and plans completed (mostly the cutting out portion) and need to share with you all.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. I've heard of that vine before. The kiwi fruit are the size of grapes. They wouldn't grow here - we're in zone 9.
    Funny, your youngest son reminds me of my youngest son who also loves plants and gardening. He uses his spare room to start all his seedlings.

  2. Hope Harvey feels better, and you are able to mark some things off of the to do list!

  3. Please exercise extreme caution buying anything via FB. Many are scams. Go search for the company in your search engine. Many do not come up. Caution saves a lot of $.

  4. I hope Harvey feels loads better very quickly. xx

  5. I was going to mention the same caution as Elle did - I'd be looking at well-known seed companies that sell in your area and watch that the plants you're interested in would be hardy in your area. I suspect kiwi might not.

  6. Looking forward to the pictures of your upcoming projects.

  7. I do hope Harvey is feeling better soon. Good on your son for putting so much effort into his plants. I'm sure he'll share his harvest with you.

  8. This reminds me I need to start my geraniums and go see if any of the bulbs I planted last fall are come up!

  9. Well done on getting some of your goals done already. Hope Harvey is feeling better soon.