Thursday, February 1, 2024

Thrifty and Frugal Thursdays


I have decided to combine Thursday and Friday posts into one for the next while. Seems that they more or less go hand in hand in this frugal, thrifty life I am trying to live.

So what frugal and thrifty things have I been up to this past week.

1.  Mending pant hems and a seam on Harvey's pj bottoms.

2.  Using up leftovers in new meals or serving the same meal a couple of days later.

3.  Combining errands, even if the combination was over a couple of days.

4.  Doing short walks for exercise outside while the weather is so nice.

5.  Drapes open to take advantage of the heating effects of the sunny days we have been lucky enough to get.

6.  Turning off lights in rooms not in use.

7.  Drying what I can on the lines downstairs.

8.  Adding in the wearing of an apron when working or cooking around the house.

9.  Pulled leftover fabric yardage to cut into some new aprons as if I wear one every day, they are going to be very handy.

10.  Using a microfiber cloth to dust with and rags to clean.

11.  I have used other means of cooking rather than the stove or oven a couple of times this week.

12.  Noticed that our power and gas bill were a bit lower than last year in January. Going to keep working on that.

13.  Pulled some bits and bobs of yarn to make the coffee mug cozies.

I am a bit worried about getting things on my list completed this month. Harvey goes for a colonoscope on the 15th of this month, and our youngest son goes for some surgery to remove the capsule of a cyst that keeps returning on his back (this is quite near his spine). As both our boys are living alone it would be extremely hard for youngest to change the dressings on his back. I have informed him that we would come up on the 16th to help him out if he needs us. Haven't heard back yet, and if I don't soon I will give youngest a call.

This means I need to work at getting as much done as possible of my list if needed. And if needed I may just be taking my sewing machine with me. Pretty sure he has mending for me to do. Hmmm, better take some buttons with me as well (he did mention buttons missing when home at Christmas). 

If he needs us longer than 5 days I will need to make a change to my dental appointment as well. 

Off to get the table set and supper warmed up.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. Well done on reducing the fuel bills - that's not an easy thing to do.

    Maybe have a look at your list and put the less urgent ones back until life becomes less complicated again. Taking your sewing machine with you is a great idea though. xx

  2. Do what you can do, there's always next month. If your son and husband need you, that is more important.
    I'm sure your son would appreciate the mending and you can show him how to sew on a button himself. It's a useful thing to know.

  3. Sounds like you've got a lot going on this month. I've just got all of my medical/dental/optical stuff out of the way, mostly in January. Feels good.

  4. Caught up on your posts, Jackie. I read your list and mentally checked off what I am doing too. It seems we are very coordinated in our frugal/thrifty efforts. I use paper towel sparingly, have cloths set for most kinds of spills, dusting,etc. Yes, your son needs the capsule removed, if not it will keep returning to cause issues. Good luck to Harvey with the colonoscopy...unpleasant but important. It's always good for our adult children to know we are there for them as long as able to. You take care now.

  5. Good idea to combine the two into one day - saves you time typing up two separate blog posts.
    I did something not so frugal when we were out this morning - forgot to take DH's Mastercard with me when I went into Canadian Tire. If I'd had it, I could have had most everything I bought for free using our points. Oh well, they're still there for next time.

  6. It would be a good opportunity to teach the youngest how simple it is to sew a button on!

  7. Do hope the two medical procedures go well. Its lovely that you can go and help out your son with after survival care, as needed.