Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Midweek And Enjoying The Sunshine


Perhaps I should have a picture stating "Keep Calm it's Midmonth Already". I actually can not believe that this is already the middle of the month. Even with the yucky, snowy, cloudy days, this month is passing by full tilt. Tomorrow I will post how I have done with my projects for the month so far.

It was sunny first thing this morning, and it is still sunny. This means with the drapes open and the sun beating in the south facing windows the furnace has not cut in very much. I do feel a slight chill now, so the heat will more than likely be coming on shortly. Just love when we can save a bit on natural gas costs. 

Harvey is on the liquids only part of the diet and I will not eat in front of him. Hopefully he does not get too hungry..... He will have to drink that terrible stuff as well tonight and tomorrow morning.

Kris gets to go in tomorrow and get the capsule (?) of the cyst that keeps coming back on his upper back surgically removed. Probably will phone him later tomorrow night to see how it all went.

I did get the few household tasks done today and made a grocery list for tomorrow. When I drop Harv off at the hospital, I will continue on my way, get the shopping and banking done as well. I cleaned the fridge, and boy did it need cleaning, dusted, cleaned out the email and then did a bit of organizing/decluttering in the sewing/craft room. I am hopeful of getting more done tomorrow. I have a bag of donations in there as well that if I can finish filling tonight will drop off tomorrow as well. 

Then it was working on projects. Since I had a bit of time before lunch I finished sewing the fabric around the baby quilt blocks. I hope to iron them tomorrow and then start sewing them together the next day. I did some embroidery next, but stopped when I felt the first twinges of a headache starting. Tonight I will be knitting. Working on three projects at once (four if you count the organization of the sewing/craft room) is something totally foreign to my poor brain. But things are moving along with each of them, so something is going right. Might even manage to finish them all before I know it. I want no carry overs into the next month. 

Off to perhaps make myself a sandwich for supper. I think it just might be a toasted bagel with cream cheese and a few cucumber slices. Poor Harvey gets stuck with broth and apple juice. I did tell him I would walk up to the grocery and get some jello, but he said not to bother.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

How horrible the shooting at the Superbowl Champion festivities in Kansas City.... This has happened way too many times. I feel for all those injured and the family of the person who died.


  1. I do hope Harvey's test went well and he'll be back to enjoying full meals soon. Good luck to Kris too with his cyst. I had one removed from my arm a number of years ago and it never returned.
    Enjoy your projects!

  2. I am pleased to read you are getting some sunshine Jackie - it always helps us to feel better. We have the slightest touch of autumn in the air here & it is wonderful. I wore a cardy today & it made me so happy!! x0x

  3. It’s downright scary how fast the days go by. It feels like a Tuesday but tomorrow is Thursday. And yes, February - already a short month seems to be wizzing by.
    The cyst Kris has sounds like what I had removed. I hope they get it all. It’s frustrating when it grows back.

  4. Good luck, Harvey - I hope it all goes really well for you. xx

  5. Wishing Harvey all the best with his procedure. Hope all goes well. So sad about the shooting. I've been praying for all the victims & their families.

  6. Prep for surgeries and procedures is always the worst part it seems. Good luck to Harvey. Sounds like you're getting a lot done. I think your plan of doing bits of different things is a good plan for the body. We all do too many repetitive motions that are hard on us, so mixing things up is good. Another horrible shooting, I can't even think what to say anymore; it happens way too frequently. It makes me sick.

  7. Drinking that foul tasting stuff is a necessary evil, but all for a good cause. Hope the procedure goes well, and hubby will be home again and looking forward to a nice home cooked meal

  8. Hope all goes well for Harvey.
    Crazy that it is mid-month already!!

  9. It does seem they could make that colonoscopy prep easier! But such a relief when it's over and all is well. And it is absolutely awful that we have to live like this - tragedy after tragedy, and we have just gotten used to it. My son's university has someone calling in false active shooter reports something really needs to be done!

  10. Hope that Harvey's test is okay and that he can soon get back to eating 'real' food. That test is miserable.

  11. Hope Harvey's colonoscopy went okay. I love to have several projects on the go at once so that I can chop and change depending on my mood. Some do get less attention than others though.