Wednesday, February 7, 2024



It is hard to believe that this month is already 1/4 gone. Does this mean we are closer to spring?

If today is anything to go by spring is still a ways off. This morning I woke up to freezing rain and sleet, then the sleet turned to snow.

This is what the roads here in the city looked like when it got light enough to actually see them.

Now with snow on top, things are going to be miserable driving around the city.

I pulled something out this morning to be used this afternoon.

Yep, since the weather is going to be miserable the next little while, and I don't enjoy driving on icy streets. my afternoons and perhaps a few mornings will be spent sewing. I hope to have lots of pictures of finished projects to show all of you very soon. I did get my sundress sewn today and tomorrow I hope to do the skirt and perhaps an apron or two.

I would probably have gotten more done, but I did some kitchen things like....

Making bone broth out of some items in my freezer.

Baking some buns since Harvey can't have brown bread due to the seeds and such, I made some white bread buns. He will enjoy them. In fact we are going to have some with our potato soup tonight. 

I also made a lemon meringue pie, which still needs the meringue so no photo. Figured Harvey could use a bit of a treat for the rest of the week. 

Also the tidy/declutter of the sewing/craft room is ongoing. I have managed to clear off a few surfaces, but there is much more that needs doing. I have even put some of my projects into bags for this month and once my clothing sewing is completed I plan on bringing another project bag out. I am happy with how things are getting straightened out and will hopefully stick the course.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. You are right back at it. You never seen to slow down even when you think you do. ☺️
    This buns look sooooo good!!

  2. Your home baked buns look delicious Jackie - well done. Also the sound of that lemon meringue pie ... Oh My!!!
    When the weather is bad & you can't go outside I love to stay indoors & sew & be creative. I hope your weather improves soon x0x

  3. Those bread buns look really tasty. Well done on getting so much sewing done. Lots of things ticked off your monthly goals.

  4. That road looks extremely dangerous, more like a skating rink. The buns/bread rolls, on the other hand, look scrumptious . . . lucky Harvey. xx

  5. Drat that freezing rain is such a nuisance. We were fortunate, at least in my end of the city, as we had a wee bit of sleet before the snow started. I haven't been out yet, but it doesn't look like we had more than 6 cms of snow. When it gets light out, I'll head out to clear the walks and driveway.
    You had a very busy day! The great thing about baking bread/buns is the rising time offers time to do other tasks. The buns look very light and delicious!

  6. Oh the weather looks frightful. You have a good plan on conquering the winter yuck. I look forward to seeing your many projects. Stay safe.

  7. Brrrr, that icy photo looks cold. Baking is always a nice thing to do on a cold chilly day.

  8. I hate freezing rain so it's always a good excuse to stay home. Can't remember when the last time was that I had lemon meringue pie even though it's one of my favourites. The Resident Chef makes buns all the time from his sourdough good!

  9. I hope your weather improves soon. Those rolls look absolutely delicious! It makes me want to bake some too, but we have lots of bread to eat. Nothing beats homemade.