Sunday, February 25, 2024

Sunday Ramblings


First off, before I forget, Maebeme asked if my sweater pattern was online. Yes it is a free pattern that can be found on the Yarnspiration/Red Heart yarn site. They have lots of free knitting patterns as well as crochet. 

It has been a very quiet day here. We went to Mass this morning, where I hate to say it, I could only understand one word in probably 4. Saying the parts of the Mass our new priest has no problem being understood, but his sermon can be a problem. I think I managed to get the gist of it at least. 

I did some baking today, muffins, and a pie shell which will be filled with something lovely, just not too sure about what at this point. 

A cloudy, windy day out. It seems like the weather improves for a few days and then we get a storm or a touch of a storm coming through. Starting tonight we are supposed to get rain and then have it switch to snow. It will clear up for a bit and then by the end of next week, the usual March snow will happen. According to the weather pundits by the end of next Sunday we could have almost 7 inches of the white stuff once again. Really, this is a very different winter than others. 

As it is almost the end of the month I am actually darn happy with my shop at home first challenge to myself. I have managed to either use up what I already have, or done a bit of substitution on ingredients that are not in my fridge, pantry or freezers. Loving the savings, and the clearing out of items very close to their use by dates. There has been very little waste this month. 

I have added a new frugal habit this month and that is using an apron as much as is possible. Really they do keep clothes much cleaner. No stains means less stain remover being used, and washing is much easier. I will keep wearing them.

March's new frugal habit is going to be using plastic bags over once again. While I have been using some bags over again, I can really do better at this. I promise not to reuse any bags that have held meat. I do store lots of baked goods in Ziplock freezer bags and those things are pretty darn expensive, unless you get them on sale which I really try to do. 

So that's my ramblings for today and they are very rambling today.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. I just love that you are setting lots of new goals. That is really neat. I need to use an apron more.
    Have a good one.

  2. Seven inches will be a lot of snow. I think we are done with the snow for this year. I like your challenge of shopping at home first challenge and have managed to use up items you have or found substitutions for them. I should use an apron too, but I don't for some reason.

  3. Does he mumble, your priest, or is he just too academic?

    I hope the expected snow isn't too severe or long-lasting. xx

  4. I have three very pretty aprons, and should use them more than I do.

  5. We had about a cm. of snow last night with another cm. to come today. However it is already above freezing so it may be an interesting drive today. By the weekend the forecast calls for a little less snow than you. But that's a few days away and it could be more or less. March coming in like a lion is okay in my books, as long as it goes out like a lamb. :)
    Thanks for the direction to the pattern. I'll peruse Yarnspirations today.

  6. I love the kind of aprons my grandma used to wear. They were always floral and soft. And when she hugged me, I loved the feel of it on my cheeks. Funny how certain memories come back to you.

  7. I always wear aprons when I'm cooking, and have quite a supply of them now. Guess I'm a messy cook. I reuse the zip lock bags too, always rinse them out then put them in the washing machine.

  8. I am terribly messy and must wear and apron. I have ruined clothes, so I am really a stickler about it.

  9. We've taken something from our kids and have started changing our clothes the minute we get home into something that's not going to really matter if we throw food on them. Sure does help with the laundry and keeps our better clothes useable for a much longer time.