Saturday, March 16, 2024

Midmonth Goal Roundup


Time to update everyone on what I have accomplished so far this month.

1. Counted cross stitch angel. Plan on getting as much done as possible. Working on this.

2.  Sandwich the baby quilt.  Done

3.  Finish the first lapghan.  Done

4.  Start the next lapghan.  Started and almost halfway completed

5.  Make pantry book.  Done

6.  Make freezer books (I want to get two books done, one for the meat freezer and one for the chest freezer).

7.  Copy at least 14 recipes of the ones we have tried onto index cards. Add them to the recipe album.  Done

8.  Cut out a top.  Done

9.  Cut out a pair of shorts.  Done

I hope to get the one freezer book started tomorrow, perhaps even finished. The chest freezer may take just a bit longer to create. This is the only inventory I am leary of trying to do. So much in there. I am beginning to think I should use some items up before even attempting the inventory.

Off to check in with all of you, and do some more research on the Vitamin D problem. I think when I said "flush it out" I should have used a different term. Everything I have been reading says to cut back on calcium enriched foods or supplements, and drink lots of fluids. Mainly because an excess of Vitamin D can cause calcification in the blood and various organs. That can be flushed out. However since I have osteoporosis I am loath to cut all calcium. I need to read more on Vitamin K because some of my research states this is another method of controlling the amount of Vitamin D in one's body. 

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. You might watch some videos by Dr. John Campbell on Youtube. He is British, very well informed, a great teacher (who backs up his statements with real science), and a great encourager of K2D3 supplementation. I hope that might help in your research for a proper dosage for you! Conni

  2. You have accomplished a lot this month. Good luck with the freezer books. I always get mine written out - and then that is it - I never update. LOL

  3. I see lots of goals marked done or almost done. Awesome!!
    Good luck with your research. Cutting back on calcium does not sound reasonable to me. Our bones need that.

  4. Good luck with researching the vitamin thing and haven't you done well with your goals? Good for you. xx

  5. You've made very good progress again this month Jackie. Freezer inventories are a good idea. It's easy to keep buying things when you've already got plenty tucked away in the freezer. I would buy more but we've only got a relatively small freezer so there's no space.

  6. Oh, I just love it when I can check off one of my goals for the month. Kudos to you, Jackie.

  7. Good going on checking off your goals for the month!
    I agree that there's so much conflicting 'advice' out there concerning vitamins and supplements of any nature. I know I need calcium supplements because I've never been able to drink milk. So far my bones seem to be fine so I figure I must be doing something right. I've added extra Vit. D to my regimen simply because I can't be out in the sun for any length of time without developing a rash. Perhaps I need to rethink that.