Monday, March 18, 2024

Menu Monday


A new week has arrived, bring with it surprise weather and me keeping my fingers crossed that Kris will be able to make it home for Easter and then back to his own home. The snow is supposed to start Wednesday night here and continue all the way up to Easter with a day's break from it. At least the amount of snow we are supposed to get is dropping each day. 


Leftover Lazy Perogy Casserole. 


I am taking a container of Chili up to Kris's. He is going to supply the bread for toast. Probably taking some veggies with us as well so they do not spoil. We can have them with whatever he wants to make on the next day.


Kris will surprise us, or perhas we can go out for supper. We shall see how we feel.


Home and I have pulled some Cabbage Bread to warm up for supper this night.


Fish fillets, rice and a salad.


Pulling out a package of frozen pork and warming it up. Probably have the leftover rice and salad with it.


I am going to pull the last remaining Ham Pasties out of the fridge freezer and make some peas to go with this meal.

Slowly making headway on the using up the bits and bobs, as well as meals from the fridge freezer. The next week before Easter I will be trying to use up even more from this area of my house. It will also be a clean out some areas of the fridge and the crispers as well. 

Still doing research and finding out loads of interesting stuff on supplements. I may have fallen down a rabbit hole on this research.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. Sounds like another great week of menus planned.
    Hope you can share what you find down that rabbit hole!

  2. sounds like you have done so well with using up. UGH on the snow! "Rabbit holes" are easy to get into - it happens to me all the time.

  3. We are supposed to get the snow tomorrow night and could have up to 50cm by Sunday! I hope they are wrong. Picked up everything we need today so won't have to go out in the snow.

  4. Sorry to read you have more snow due Jackie. I have cleaned out my fridge yesterday & put all the older veggies into a stew in my slow cooker. It smells delicious. xx

  5. Having kids home for the holidays always makes things better!