Friday, December 12, 2014

Plugging Away

Today I have spent partly baking and partly finishing up started projects. I am also working on using some yarn up.... No waste around this household any longer!!!

I started the day off baking cookies.

First off were these

Whipped Shortbread. I was going to put them through my cookie press, but decided to go the easy route of rolling the chilled dough into balls and pressing them down. I also only made a single batch instead of the usual double (sometimes even triple) batch.

I moved on to these next

A single batch of Christmas themed Sugar Cookies. I do need to decorate these, but that can wait until tomorrow.

The last thing I made was Peanut Butter Squares.

A nice big pan as these are a family favorite.

Hopefully tomorrow I will get the Caramel Slice, Peanut Brittle, and the Three Layer Bars done. I think I will save the Cinnamon Buns until Sunday or perhaps Monday. Gingerbread Man cookies sound like a really good idea right now, but we will see if I feel up to it.

Project finished is this cowl.

I started this cowl when we went to Moosejaw and I finally finished it today.

Now I have started another knitting project that will hopefully be finished soon. There was a ball and a half of this yarn left and since I am on a no waste, use it up challenge as a means to living a simpler more frugal life I decided to start this a couple of days ago.

This should work out to be a double wrap infinity scarf by the time I am done. A girl can never have too many scarves!

My give away for tonight to anyone who wants it is the Knit Ponchos, Wraps, and Scarves. Once again it will go to the first person who requests it in the comments.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. I'd be happy to have it.

  2. Read your blog every morning. Would I qualify since I got the scarf? I love it.

  3. Red Robin the book is yours. Email me your address. As I seem to have misplaced it.

    God bless.

  4. Thanks, I really am feeling much better. That is if one ignores the stuffy nose, slight cough and slight sore throat.....