Monday, December 8, 2008

Odds and Ends

Well another day of work has passed and I feel that for every step forward I make with the student I work with I take 4 steps back. Today was not a good day at all and I am mentally tired. Think I would much rather be physically tired, but that is not going to be this year.

Thought I would catch up all that I have been busy with this past little while.

I got the afghan done for our youngest son Kris. He loves black and white, so that is exactly what I made for him. I am sure he will love it as it is big enough to snuggle under while he is watching his favorite television shows.

A friend of mine does stained glass, and one day while visiting I noticed all her so called "waste glass" in a box by the back door. When I asked her what she was going to do with it and she told me throw it out, well my inner hoarder shuddered. I asked if I could take some of the clear glass to try making some icicles for my tree. My friend handed me the box, gave me some leading and said "Have a blast!"

I really don't think these turned out too badly for a first attempt. Do you?

This Sunday Harvey brought our tree up and set it up. He does the lights and I do the rest. With a cat in the house I don't put tinsel or garland on the tree. It is too much temptation for little paws to grab, and it is not healthy for them.
The decorating is an all day job for me. I have to gaze at each ornament as I remove it from the box and remember when and who I got it from. The stories the ornaments tell me are priceless.

Here is a picture of the finished product.
Not too bad at all. I do notice that I need to pick up a few more glittery snowflakes to fill in a few areas. Then of course I need to pick up some candy canes as well. The tree will be done then and I can give myself a pat on the back for another job done.
Well off to visit all of you. I have a lovely cup of mint hot chocolate and a spare hour.
Everybody have a wonderful evening. God bless.


  1. Jackie,

    You did a fabulous job on the icicles and your tree is beautiful. The candy canes will set it off. I don't put tinsel or icicles on my tree either. Meeko likes them too much.

    Take care and have a terrific week, my friend. It will be a busy one here. So much to do and so little time to get it all done.


  2. OH Jackie I counldn't help but notice how wonderful and it looked out your window.I have never had a white Christmas and at this point I don't think I ever will. Your icicles are beautiful, that is something I have always wanted to do. Your son's afghan came out beautiful as well. You are so right mentally is much more tiresome than physically. I hope that you get some rest.

  3. I do so love the icicles you made. I has my husbands Mother's vintage ones. They are so beautiful...m..

  4. Your glass icicles are fantastic Jackie! Congratulations on taking what would have been thrown away and turning it into some real treasures for your Christmas tree.

  5. I so wish I could crochet. I love what you made and the snow out looks wonderful.

  6. Love your icicles! How did you make them?

    Your tree looks nice, too. I know what you mean about cats .. mine will still knock off the ornaments on the bottom branches.

  7. Hi Jackie, your tree is so beautiful and I really like the icicles you made. I was trying to figure out how you made them...they are very pretty. Love the snow view from your windows...I'd love a white Christmas...hugs, Linda

  8. Jackie, you did such a good job on the icicles! I love the way you think!

    Your tree is beautiful. As always, I love hearing your words on your blog. It is like visiting with an old friend.

    Christmas Blessings,

    Mary (Kindhearted1)

  9. Good morning Jackie:-)

    I received your parcel yesterday and omigosh, I just love the two magazines and book you sent me!! Just the other day I was looking at those two magazines at the store and was so tempted to buy them but didn't have extra money with me...I guess there was a reason for that! lol Thank you sooo much!!! I do hope my parcel reaches you soon!

    Your tree is beautiful, I love the way you decorate. My mom isn't sure she wants a tree up this year because of her kitty. He's so curious and she just knows he'd jump in the tree! lol

    Love the icicles you made, what a fabulous idea. The afghan is also gorgeous...I do admire you people that know how to knit or crochet!!

    Thank you again for the books! xoxo