Sunday, October 4, 2020

One Project Down Many More To Go

 So today saw me finishing off the beeswax wraps for part of  Kurt and Kris's Christmas gifts.

A cookie sheet was covered with a piece of parchment paper and the precut cotton piece placed on top. I then sprinkled some of the package of small beeswax beads over top. I needed to add more after the picture was taken. Make sure the edges have wax on them. After grating the bar of beeswax I recommend using the pellets. My arm aches, and I only got enough grated wax to do three wraps. Must grate more for another project, but I am giving my arm a bit of a rest for a few days.

This was put into a 200 F oven for seven minutes and when the wax was melted I pulled it out and using an inexpensive 1" paint brush, brushed the wax over the surface to make sure it was well covered. 

I removed the wrap from the parchment paper and waved it in the air for a few minutes to dry and cool it. 

Finished product which I trimmed the rough edges on. 

Two gifts made and a few more to go. 

The beeswax melts with the heat of your hands and forms to the top of the bowl. It is not recommended to use on meat, but everything else is okay. 

Wash with cool water and a bit of soap (more or less wiping off the underside of the fabric well). 

Now what will my next project be. I will let you all know when I "roll the dice" and what comes up. Hopefully not the lotion bars or I will need to work on grating that beeswax bar a bit more.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.


  1. Girl, get some of those pellets or beads. Would a blender work on the block? I just gave away some of my body product supplies since I wasn't sure how 're would travel and did not want a spill

  2. A great project, thank you for sharing. I intend to have a go at these myself.

  3. Homemade gifts simply can't be beat. I'll take homemade over store bought ANY day!! ~Andrea xoxo

  4. I'm making a batch for presents to but couldn't get wax beads. So I'll have to grate.

  5. Wow. You amaze me, you Pioneer woman, you!

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