Wednesday, May 8, 2024

A Full Week Into May


May is passing by as quickly as the other months this year. Sooner than we think we will be into June and almost halfway through the year. I want the time to slow down just a bit.

After weeks of promising you pictures I though I had better share some with you. This includes a few that I finished last month (boy am I behind).

Last month I completed....

A very few stitches on my angel.

Added another batch of copied recipes to the binder.

The shorts and matching tunic top were fashioned (don't know where the picture of the top disappeared to).

Got the baby quilt hand quilted.

Finished the tank top (this was before blocking).

And watched the weather.

And the female pheasant across the road.

This month so far I have...

Done the binding on the quilt.

Got the hour glass blocks completed. Next is ironing them and then sewing them all together.

Pulled the fabric for the purses/bags I want to make. I even have one cut out now.

The fabric for the second purse/bag.

Sewed the tank style sundress.

And even got out to admire the pear tree.

Lots more blossoms this year.

I even got the fabric for the infinity scarves cut and ready to sew.

So that has been my last couple of months. Add in some spring cleaning, planting, and weeding and I have been pretty darn busy. It does not look as if there will be any rest for the wicked (me) the rest of the month either.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. Pear trees? How cool is that. Thanks about the job, I really love it there so we'll see what happens. Sounds like you've been super duper productive. I love that!

  2. You sure have achieved lots Jackie. Well done!! Everything looks great. Its good to have the photos to look back on & see what you achieved. The pear tree blossoms look so wonderful. xx

  3. The quilts are lovely. My mum quilted a lot when I was younger, especially pillowcases.

  4. Non stop as always! I'm glad you found time to admire the pear tree. Mine has not had as much blossom as last year.

  5. So busy! Well done, you. xx

  6. You have been very busy! Your knitting is so neat and tidy. You are a very talented seamstress too.

  7. Lots of great things to showfor your efforts. you should be proud, Jackie!

  8. You have been super busy as usual. I love the baby quilt. So cute. The bags look interesting. I'll be interested to see them once they've been made. Well done, for being so productive. It sounds like you've taken some time to look around you and enjoy nature though, which is a good thing.

  9. You certainly have been busy, busy, busy.

  10. Wow - great show and tell! You have really accomplished a lot!

  11. You have been busy! I really wish I was confident enough to sew my own clothes.

  12. Well, I think wicked you has done tremendously well with all those things done and in the works. Yes you have been busy, but when are you not really. Hey, always things need doing it seems. Nice to see photos too.