Saturday, May 25, 2024

Saturday Roundup


As I have said before, this has been a relatively quiet week, so before I do a roundup of what has been accomplished, I will answer some questions.

HomeScan is a survey site and a site that you enter your shopping. I have a hand held device and with that I scan the barcodes on my shopping. The company also gives you a book with a barcode for each item you might purchase for fruits, veggies, prescriptions, eating out, fast food, or ordering to be delivered to name a few.

Points are added to your account and then before they changed the catalogue a number of items could be purchased for the points. Now you can only purchase egift cards. Some of those are Visa, Google, Apple, Indigo, UberEats, and each time I check there seems to be a few more added. The number of points you are willing to spend determines the amount on the gift card. 

To gain extra points every so often they have surveys which range in time from 10 to 25 minutes. 

I was also asked by Maebeme, how many pots and such I fill. This year I only did 29 various sized pots, baskets and planters. I finished those up today and I hopefully won't feel sorry for any leftover plants in the store and purchase more (I do have pots that I could use if that happens). These are scattered between my front, side, firepit area, and deck. Harvey figures I should cut down and was quite surprised when I told him I had. LOL. Our spring/summer and fall are so short, I love being surrounded by colour. I promise to post pictures of everything one things are cleaned up and the furniture put back in place. That is the task for tomorrow afternoon.

Harvey has gotten the trellis up and bought the paint, so starting next week I have the task of painting it and then hopefully the kiwi vine will be planted. That will be the last yard/garden beautification project for this year other than getting the solar lighting out once again.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless


  1. That’s interesting about the home scan. I looked online and it’s not here in the states.
    Here it is almost June and I have done no planting which is unusual for me. Fortunately I have native perennials that are blooming. I’m sure I’ll get a few but not as mush as years past. The extreme heat is coming and I get upset when they die. I do need to just buy a couple of tomato plants. So I saved some $$$ buy not buying a lot of annuals this year.

  2. 'Only' 29 pots - and you'd cut down! That did make me laugh.

  3. When I was in my house in the city, I usually ranged from 25-35 containers. Like you, I loved having all the color around me. I only had a single perennial flower bed due to the size and layout of the yard, and it was northfacing which limited what I could grow there.
    It is a real sense of satisfaction too, seeing the plants grow and bloom, as a result of your efforts. Enjoy!

  4. 29 pots is amazing! I can't wait to see what you grow. :)

  5. My goodness - 29 pots! You are going to be kept busy watering all those.