Sunday, May 26, 2024

Sunday Ramblings


We have been busy in the yard for most of the day. We wanted to get the project Harvey is working on finished so I helped, and I pulled some of the things that needed to be put into the garbage bin off the deck. Next (after the rain finishes) I will remove the containers I kept plants in back into the shed. 

Still no forward movement on the loom assembly. I think that will probably take place at some point next week, after Harvey has a little break from projects and gets some fishing time in. I also need a bit more time on working on the set up in my sewing/craft room. I really could use a larger room, or perhaps less in the way of supplies (that second one will probably never happen). It also gives me a bit more time watching videos and learning how to warp and weave. I do still have a few projects to complete, so the bit of extra time will really help in that area as well.

Our water is being turned off tomorrow for awhile (no knowing for how long) so today I did my laundry, and will do a bit of cleaning (like the sink and bathroom) tonight. The containers are ready to be filled. Bath time tonight and after that the tub will be wiped out and ready for filling first thing in the morning. That is used to fill the toilet during water shut offs.

Tonight I will be using appliances to cook, so I can mark off another day of no oven usage. Also this has been another day of no spending got to love frugal days like this. Now that all the yard projects for this year have been completed, we should be spending much less on yard stuff. We might have to get a few more solar lighting items, but those can be picked up fairly inexpensively at one of our two dollar stores. Mind you those seem to be increasing their prices at the same rate as those more mainstream shops. 

Trying to save money on yard items, household goods, and groceries is getting tough. Money just does not seem to stretch quite as far and looking for sales in a small city in Saskatchewan is getting tougher and tougher. However, this means you have to get very creative and you don't want to toss anything that can be used to make a meal, or to make something for the house or clothing for me. 

Don't get me wrong, we have a very good life and more than enough to travel or buy what we really need. I am on Twitter (or should I say X, just too old to really understand why the name was changed) and there are so many people that do not have enough here in Canada to live on. Disability just does not stretch and in many cases these folks can only access a Food Bank once a month. My heart breaks when I read that they can not afford their medications (which in almost all cases is necessary to live) or that their heat has been cut off. In a country as rich as we are there is no reason for this to be happening. 

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. Love how you get creative with your things and reuse. I says much about fortitude. We do have to get creative these days.

  2. I agree with you. We’re doing fine but I have no confidence that it won’t get worse. I still have some wiggle room but I should do more.
    I did something that reminded me of you - I wanted to tell you. With the afternoon sun shining in our living room windows we close the blinds and the drapes. But the darkness feels like a cave. My husband started turning on a lamp to read which bugged me. So I ordered 2 rechargeable neck lamps that hand around the neck and it’s great. We can read and not turn on the lamps. I paid 9.99 each. I feel good about it.

  3. I hope your water isn't off for long.
    That last paragraph is just heartbreaking - not being able to afford necessary medication. Terrible. There may be a lot wrong with our NHS and people can't necessarily get the medication they WANT (not necessarily need) but there's always something.

  4. It's much the same here in UK, vulnerable people having to struggle.

  5. The loom will be assembled just in time for your creative activity to blossom! Keep reading and watching videos. 👀

  6. I concur, we have adequate resources in Canada to ensure that all who need it should be cared for. Unfortunately, we don't have the will among those in charge to ensure this happens or of those who believe they got their own and therefore so should everyone else. I fear what will happen to some of the social safety net after the next federal election, and suspect there will be no change after this upcoming provincial election.

    Sounds like you had a lovely day in the yard. The weather was very nice here, though cloudy for much of the afternoon, we only had a few spits of rain. Sunny and bright here this morning!

  7. Sticker shock is definitely getting more and more prevalent. Case in point - we always buy prunes and the bag that cost $9.99 is now $20.99. That price hike happened in a month, so needless to say we won't be buying them anymore. Shopping at the dollar store is no longer very cheap for a lot of things and I suspect they're soon going to have to change their name to the $10 Store.