Sunday, May 19, 2024

Sunday Ramblings


Well today I kept my mind on getting the quilt project as far along as I possibly could. Almost done the flimsy, with only a few glances at the box that contains the loom. Tomorrow I will sew on the edgings and it will be ironed on Tuesday. Then I can dust my hands of it for a little while.

What distracted me today was one of the bird feeders. I had to keep going back and checking on things.

The orioles are back again and I am running out of oranges to slice. Guess I will be shopping very much earlier than planned.

I kept sneaking to the backdoor, camera in hand hoping to get a photo or two. It always seemed like I would spook them and off they would fly. Harvey set his trail camera up and managed to get lots of shots of them. Nothing like the one he managed to get last year of a male in flight. Still they will be around for a bit longer so perhaps we shall get one yet. 

Unable to do any planting or filling of baskets or boxes today as it has been raining off and on for much of the afternoon. Oh well that kept me inside and concentrating on the flimsy. I did go for a short walk between showers though.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. Those little orioles are so pretty! I don't see them around where I live. I love bird watching.

  2. Nice bird pictures! Do you get a lot of interesting birds migrating through or do most of them stay for the summer?

  3. My brother mentioned the orioles had returned to the farm as well. Wonderful photos! They're a very pretty bird.