Thursday, May 30, 2024

Thrifty and Frugal Thursdays

Thrifty and Frugal 

I am still not feeling 100%. Headache, tired and still the stomach is roiling. Not quite as bad as yesterday, but enough that I was glad not to have too many tasks for today. I even went for a little walk thinking that might help. Nope.

We had quite the thunderstorm last night and got enough rain that I would not have to water today, and from the look of the sky right now we are in for some more.

So what thrifty and frugal things have I been up to this week. 

I watered my plants with water from the rain barrel. 

Took a couple of walks when the weather would allow.

Since they turned off our water we are not to use any for drinking for a bit. Quite alright as I filled lots of containers with water and if necessary can more than likely be good until late this weekend.

Baked a loaf of bread.

Used appliances for cooking on 4 days over the week.

Leftovers have been cleared out of the fridge regularly and I even managed to use a few meals from the fridge freezer.

Mended a reusable shopping bag. 

Fixed the hem on a t-shirt. 

Did some planning for next month. 

Turning off lights whenever I can. Usually after supper clean up.

Once again combined errands in order to save fuel and time.

Watched a few frugal living videos to see what I could glean from them to use.

So that's all for today. I will post pictures of the start of my garden and flowers tomorrow. Things are still needing to be cleaned up and moved on my deck so forgive the mess. I will also update all of you on how I did on my projects for the month.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.



  1. I sure hope you get to feeling better. Take care and don't rush!

  2. Glad to read you are feeling a tiny bit better Jackie & hope you continue to improve. Take care xx

  3. Even when not well you are super-thrifty. I hope you feel loads better very quickly now. xx

  4. Poor you. My grandma used to say that stormy weather made her feel very unwell, so maybe that's the reason you arent too good?

  5. Oh dear, just caught up on your posts, Jackie. Hope this is the end of your ailment. Great thrift going on at your place as always. I always think of you as I practice some of them as well. Hope hubby doesn't catch whatever you have. Take care, J

  6. I do hope you are feeling better today.

  7. Hope you soon feel 100% again. Can you recommend what frugal living videos you watched please. Have a great weekend.

  8. Sorry to hear you are still feeling poorly. Give yourself the time you need to get better. Tomorrow is another day.

  9. Hope you're feeling much better.
    I tried to think of something thrift that we did over the past week and the only thing that came to mind is that we never eat meat for the sake of it - it's always in a stir fry with lots of vegetables, or in a stew, or combined with pasta to stretch it into several meals. OH - we went out for lunch and each brought home half of our meals and managed to stretch the leftovers into two more meals each (with the addition of some veggies on the side). So three meals each for the price of one makes going out seem to not cost quite so much.

  10. Lots of wonderful thrifty activity that I love to read about.