Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Mid-Week, Finally Sunshine


Finally after 4 days of cloud we are having sunshine. Big wind, but at least the sunshine got me doing some embroidery. Finished one section and almost finished another.

I even got all the Christmas cards done. I am definitely on a roll this month. 

My yarn shipment is on its way, and I should get it on the 14th or a day or two later. So this means working and getting most of the other items on my projects/goals list done. I will finish the embroidery tomorrow and move on to sewing the next day. 

Harvey has offered to help with the pumpkin processing so I will do that this weekend. Must bring up the pumpkin from last year so it is all used up. Perhaps some pumpkin well as baked goods.

Tried a Chicken Noodle Casserole yesterday for supper and it was a hit. That recipe will be saved. Bad news though.... I found another folder containing recipes. More to try out and more to copy out onto index cards. 

Tonight we are having Eggplant Chickpea Stew along with some freshly made flat breads. Really trying to cut down on red meat. The mouth is feeling so much better and I am hopeful that once I need to go in again everything will be well healed and the other side can pain me for a bit. 

My last health task will be taken care of in January. I will go in and get the lenses replaced in my glasses. Should be good other than the regular dental cleanings.

I have pulled up the big girl pants and am letting the family treatment go. I will just make sure not to be overly friendly at the reunion. I am a force unto myself.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.


  1. Your meals sound delicious but cutting back on red meat is not in my plans. Glad the mouth is better and better. Pumpkin soup, yum!

  2. You sound very 'together' Jackie, well done. So glad your mouth is feeling better.

  3. You're a force indeed, with your many projects.
    Can you share the chicken noodle casserole recipe. My son likes the soup, maybe he'd enjoy this dish too.
    Good to hear your mouth is healing well.

  4. Well done for getting your Christmas cards done early. So glad your mouth is feeling a lot better. Dental pain is the worst. Nice to have a bit of sunshine at last. Good luck with all your projects. I'm trying to get up to scratch with lots of things before I start work.
    Sometimes, I think families can be so self-absorbed, that they don't always think to include in-laws in the loop. This can be a blessing in my experience, because you also don't get dragged into any drama when it happens.

  5. Good for you. You are you and anyone who doesn't like that is missing out.
    It's lovely that you're feeling stronger again. xx