Sunday, November 26, 2023

Sunday Ramblings


We got snow last night, not much really, but I believe there could have been a bit of rain before. The reason I say this is because our front steps are slightly icy, and when I went to my friends for coffee her driveway had what looked like raindrops in areas and those areas were very icy.

I have managed to make some progress on my next projects. However, me, being me thought that I could get done way more than the fingers or body (back mostly) would allow. I should be able to iron what I did get done after the supper clean up is done. 

Between tasks today I started to wonder why it is we allow family to hurt us as much as we do. I am working on not caring, but seeing posts congratulating or liking other's posts still give me a twinge of hurt or perhaps it is envy. Working on letting go and letting God, but as I am only human am finding that difficult. I really am not looking forward to the family reunion this summer in the least. 

I talked to Kris on Friday (shows how I am losing track of days, I thought it was Saturday), and he said he would phone at some point today. I should actually get in touch with Kurt as well. I need to find out when they will be home for Christmas. 

Cleaned and tidied the baking supply cupboards in one of the pantries today. Discovered that some things need replacing and some things are over supplied (like raisins). I hope to get some of the holes filled the next time I go shopping. 

Off to set the table and get the remains of our meal put together.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. It's chilly here tonight and wind from the east which doesn't bode well for what precipitation might fall. Will have to wait and see.
    A thought for you (and I'm sure you know this already) but if what the family does is hurting you then you're perfectly within your interest of self-preservation to simply drop them from your inbox in any way. It might sound like the wrong thing to do but I can pretty much guarantee you'll be happier and more at peace if you do.

  2. I have to work on the same thing. I feel childish about but when i post little things to an elite family group, hardly ever does it get a response. When another 2 or 3 of my sibs does the same thing, comments come in from many. It does hurt so I've stopped posting and commenting like i used to. That isn't like me at all.

  3. Take care of you and you well being first. Sometimes we all have to step away from certain family or 'friends'. It hurts for a while - but it is better for your health!

  4. I wonder if you really have to go to the reunion? Sometimes we need to step away.

  5. I'm quite private and I don't post or follow anyone in the family on social media. I leave all that to OH. If anything interesting happens he can tell me. I'm not really that interested in what anyone else is doing to be honest. I'm pretty sure the feeling is mutual. There probably was a time when I felt a bit left out, mainly when LB was small, but now I'm pretty indifferent. I'm happy to just catch up with family when I see them and find out people's news then. I do sometimes get ignored in other chats, which seems a bit rude, but I don't know the people well, so I don't really care all that much. It's their loss. Works for me, but I know it's not for everyone.

  6. There were snowflakes in the air when we left Minot yesterday morning and the highway looked a little slick in places, though the driver said it wasn't an issue. I'm still glad he was driving.
    I don't often post on FB, and in fact, don't follow many of my extended family members. There is at least one that I've blocked entirely as she went down a rabbit hole during the pandemic. But, I think I understand how you feel - it's not pleasant feeling excluded or ignored. As someone else has mentioned, do you have to attend the reunion? Let Harvey and the boys go on their own - they get to visit and you get a mini-vacation. Based on all you do for them, I'd say you deserve it.