Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Thrifty Tuesday


Since it has been so very hot here over the past month, I have been sticking close to home. This means no spending (well not much at any rate) and getting things done around the house. 

After our sons left it was time to do a thorough cleaning of the rooms they use when down. So all bedding, blankets, and quilts were washed and hung on the lines. Then walls were washed, windows wiped down, and furniture dusted. One room was vacuumed thoroughly and the other had the floors mopped and the rug taken out and beaten. Everything sparkles now.

The garden (well at least the herbs and kale) needed being taken care of and that is something that is a continuing chore. If any of you have recipes for kale (other than salads) they would be greatly appreciated.

The herbs are being dehydrated and stored for winter use. Considering rising prices this could in fact save lots of cash. Mint is being dehydrated for tea this winter as well, though I have read some interesting things in making mint iced tea. 

Lettuce is being picked almost daily, how lovely not to have to pay for this. It is usually quite expensive around here.

A friend let me pick raspberries again this year and this batch is being made into jam. Love me some raspberry jam.

I have mended a couple of tablecloths. One was something we brought back from Portugal on our last trip (my it has been awhile), and the other is one I use when we have company. I also fixed the sleeve on a pair of pajamas, and repaired a few pairs of jeans (pocket holes). 

Kurt brought home about 12 pairs of pants that were torn and unrepairable, or did not fit him anymore. I have cut out the zippers, and saved what material I could to make into quilting squares. I even managed to save some of the tops and am going to try my hand at making some blue jean bags out of them.

I know I said no more fabric was entering this house until all the fabric I had was gone... Blew that as I saw some lovely knit fabric at the Salvation Army... Who could turn down approximately 4 meters of 2 kinds of knit for $9.00. I can make two skirts and still have fabric enough to make matching scarves.

So there you have my thrifty past times over the last couple of weeks. 

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. Watering every day here. We did have some rain which was lovely, everything popped. Not the same with the garden hose, but it's water non the less. That morning glory is Scarlett Ohara. The blue ones I planted have not bloomed yet. It's so nice to have a sparkly clean up, I'm in need of one here. Not happening anytime to soon, I've got to get the urge to do it, and I don't have it yet...:)

  2. Jackie, I love checking out your menu for the week as it always gives me some ideas. You are doing great in the heat-do you use fans. So nice to have the house cleaned. Makes me feel good too. I love to read about your repurposing of cloth.

  3. You have been very busy, Jackie!

  4. Goodness, you certainly did a deep clean on those bedrooms. I ought to be doing more housework as the heat is keeping me indoors, but I must admit I've been rather lax this last while. The surfaces get cleaned and tidied but deep cleaning won't happen for awhile.