Thursday, July 1, 2021

Thursday Tidbits.

Well I can finally post without stupid words magically appearing instead of what I want. Blogger must have a headache.

Today I will update on how my goals went this month and perhaps add some pictures of how far along I have gotten on those projects I am still working on.

1.  Knit at least two scarves for my Secret Santa escapades in December.  Done I actually knit one more than I had planned and even got started on a 4th.

2.  Get more of the angel cross stitch completed (I know it won't totally be done, but I am going to try my best).  Not done but I have made a good start and will continue this in the month of July.

3.  Get one more quilt top done.  Also not completed but I think I will manage to finish this off this week.

4.  Hem my friends Dad's pants.  Done.

5.  Make Birthday cards and envelopes.  Not even considered so this is carried over for this month.

6.  Place an order for new Blades for my Cricut (found out it is less expensive to order them online than buy them at Michael's or Walmart).  Done.

7.  Order some embroidery floss if I can not find any at Walmart of the colours I need.  Done.

8.  Start on the rag rug.  Another not even considered or looked at this month.

I did finish some top sewing for myself which was not even on this months list.

So here are some pictures of what little I did accomplish.

The first two sets of blocks on my quilt top, only another 5 rows to go.

The first three Secret Santa scarves.

The counted cross stitch angel slowly but surely taking shape.

No pictures of the second top. It had long sleeves and a collar so is packed away for use this coming winter.

So what do I have planned for this month....

1.  Finish quilt top.

2.  Make those cards I planned on doing last month.

3.  Work on the cross stitch.

4.  Get that rag/t-shirt rug started at least.

5.  Knit 2 more Secret Santa Scarves if not more.

6.  If I finish all those start to sandwich the two quilt tops I will have to move onto the next steps.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.
God bless.


  1. You did so well with your scarves! I was not very productive on the crafting front, but did loom one knit hat for the homeless on the road trip earlier this week. Forced crafting time! :-)

  2. You achieved quite a lot. Such a good idea to set yourself goals for the month.

  3. I think you accomplished a lot!

  4. You are a champion goal-setter and goal-accomplisher, Jackie!!!! I admire you!! ~Andrea xoxoxo

  5. Wow, you've got a lot done. I walked past my craft room this morning and thought about stopping in there but didn't. Perhaps this post will motivate me to spend some time finishing a few items I've started.

  6. I think you achieved a lot too. The quilt blocks are beautiful Jackie x

  7. You did great and I love that quilt you started.