Saturday, March 4, 2017

Frugal Shopping Habits

As so many in this life, I also shopped out of habit and for entertainment. Now when I was working, this was not so big a problem. Once I stopped working, my shopping habit became something I needed to break.

Here are some of the ways I nipped what could have become a big problem, into something more manageable, and more in keeping with they way I wanted our lives to be.

1.  Stop shopping for entertainment. I started only to head to the shops when I had a specific purchase in mind.

2.  I started going to second hand shops and joined the on line garage sale sites. My area does not have a Freecycle group or a Craigs List. Keeping my eyes on the sites I do belong to has netted me craft supplies, and an almost new dryer for a fraction of what these items would have cost.

3.  I joined Costco and after comparing prices I know exactly what I want to buy when I go for our stock up shops.

4.  I have clipped coupons or downloaded them from the stores online site. By using my coupons along with the stores flier I have managed to save. Perhaps not as much as Extreme Couponers, but enough to make it worth my while.

5.  I try to buy only on sale merchandise. Waiting a month or two can save a person lots of money. Prices do drop.

6.  I always check out the store fliers and shop sale items for my pantry and freezers.

7.  Shopping alone (well most of the time) prevents strange things from ending up in my cart, and any surprises at the check out.

8.  Don't buy any item in the checkout aisle. These are usually over priced and set up to grab your attention. My husband usually falls for this one.

9.  Never, ever shop when you are hungry. I used to run to the grocery after work... Bad move, lots of prepackaged meals ended up in the cart and those prices are crazy expensive for what you get.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. Some very good tips here Jackie. Thanks for sharing.

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