Saturday, March 11, 2017

Simple Saturday Living

It has been very quiet around here today.

Harvey did some last minute clean up and moving of wires in the basement so the furnace guys can get right to work.

I did the few household chores that needed to be done (mainly cooking and cleaning up after the cat which some days is a never ending job), and spent the rest of the day watching old CSI episodes, working on my cross stitch or reading.

I also spent some time reading blogs. My goodness, some people seem to live a much more exciting life than I do!! However if Harvey has to stay up here with me much longer and I do not get any alone time I am afraid my life could get a bit exciting. Meaning I might just have to tie him up and throw him in a corner or perhaps dig a rather large hole in the backyard to put him in. Both of us need our time alone and get slightly grumpy if we don't get said time alone. I foresee lots of walks for me providing the weather holds.

I decided to take a look at the budget so far and we seem to be right on track for being below many budget lines again this month. This is a good thing as with two family reunions this summer there will be a bit more holiday spending than planned. Hopefully not too much more as we have a bit of a holiday planned for September.

The only part of the budget that I am really worried about is the renovations to the basement. It seems as if everything doubles in price by the time we are done. One good thing is that Harvey can do most of the work himself, just leaving the electrical and furnace stuff to be done by those trained to do that kind of work. Still, things do add up and hopefully I will have a total cost that is not too far over the estimate to show you all when everything is completed.

Off to get a movie set up on the android box. Guess we can call this a date night, just not the type of movie I really like watching, but I will try to enjoy it.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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