Friday, March 10, 2017

Frugal Friday

Just a regular frugal week here on the old homestead.

1.  I managed 5 no spend days since last Friday. Of course blizzards and cold do keep a person rather homebound.

2.  Got a free large loaf of rye bread for spending $75.00 on groceries this week.

3.  Found some brand new sheets at the Salvation Army Thrift Store. Since these are for a single bed, I will use them to make Harvey a pair of sleep pants. The pillow cases will be used to fashion a new apron for  myself.

4.  Found a cross stitch kit that I will be using as a gift come June. Decided that this is the second kit I will work on this month.

5.  Darned some socks, fixed a seam or two, and planted some lemon and orange seeds.

Everybody  have a wonderful evening.

Gdo bless.

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  1. My meat and potato stew will last 3 days. First day - just the stew, 2nd day today - meat and potato pie and 3rd day leftovers with added veg..