Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Interview

Mary from Mary's Writing Nook wanted some people to interview for a meme. I said I would be interviewed. To read Mary's interview click here.

Here is my interview and the 5 questions that Mary asked me.

1. How many provinces have you lived in and where in those provinces have you lived? Tell about the places you have lived....your favorite place etc.

Well I have been lucky enough to have lived in 3 provinces. I was born in Vancouver, British Columbia and lived there for the first three and a half years of my life. I do remember a few things from my time there. We used to go to Stanley Park often, where I got to feed the geese every time we went. Mom and Dad bought a house just blocks from the PNE and I can remember sitting on the front steps in my Mom's lap listening to Elvis sing one night. Mom was crying, she loved to listen to him sing. One day I decided to go with my best friend to catch frogs, little did I realize how far we had travelled. Dad said I was almost at the main highway which was about 3 miles away. I was sopping wet (who cared about dresses and looking pretty, like a little girl should) from being in the middle of what seemed to be a huge pond catching frogs and tadpoles. Dad came screaming to a stop in the car, called me out of the water, wrapped an arm around me on the outside of the car (after all I was wet) and made me ride the running board all the way home. I remember him driving very, very slowly and holding on very tightly.

We moved to Scarborough, Ontario. I spent most of my school years here. I attended Glen Ravine Public School for kindergarden, grades one and two. Just before I started grade three, the board changed the boundaries for the schools and I attended Knob Hill Public School. I had such a crush on my grade 8 teacher. Don't ask me why, I just did. I spent grades 9 to 11 at Midland Avenue Collegiate Institute, MACI for short. Oh how I loved highschool! I joined every sport that I could and made lots of friends. Parties started in about grade 10, we would drink pop, eat munchies and dance the night away. I always had to be home by 12 and I am sure some of my friends thought I would turn into a pumpkin if I did not get home on time.

During the summer before I started grade 12, Dad packed us up and we moved again. This time to Yorkton, Saskatchewan. I took my grade 12 here and was bored out of my head. MACI had been a test school when I attended and so much of what I took in grade 12 at Yorkton Regional Highschool I had already taken. I worked just hard enough to graduate and get into University.

Mom, Dad and my brothers and sister moved to the village of Torquay. Our parents bought the bar there, but I headed off to Regina to attend the University of Saskatchewan, Regina Campus. After one year there we became a University in our own right. Here I was introduced to microbiology, biochemistry, more Shakespear, the Bloomsbury group and Calculus (shudder). I loved my University experience and graduated with a degree in Microbiology and Biochemistry. I would go back to Torquay during breaks and work for my parents in the bar. This is where I met the man who would become my husband (but that is another question).

After I married we lived in Torquay for 3 years, and then Harvey was transferred to Shaunavon, Saskatchewan. So we packed up our home (just like turtles we took it with us as we lived in a mobile home) and made the journey. Harvey was already working there when I drove with the two oldest children to stay. He told me to follow the highway straight and it would lead me right to Shaunavon. What he forgot to tell me was that there was a mean curve at Hodgeville and to follow the curve all the way, not to go straight through (it was another highway). I was lost! I did tell Kurt not to tell his Dad that we were wondering down roads not marked on any map, but as soon as we drove into the yard you can imagine what came out of his mouth. I have never lived that escapade down. We lived in Shaunavon for 5 years and our youngest son was born there.

Our next move was here to Estevan. Close to family, but far enough away that we did not get on eachothers nerves. After living here for a year in the mobile home park, our daughter was hit and killed while riding her bike. The trailer park rallied around us as well as Harvey's company and our families. It was a dark period in our lives, but we have emerged a lot stronger as a family. We have lived most of our married life here and have put down roots in the community. Harvey is well known in the oil patch and I keep busy with my job in one of the Catholic schools and volunteering in our church community.

My favorite place would be here, this is where I live now and I wouldn't trade Estevan even with its shortcomings for any place else.

2 If you knew that your time on earth was limited, what is the one thing that you would do that you've always dreamed of?

I have always dreamed of taking a Mediterranian Cruise. I think that would be the most romatic and restful thing in the world. Relaxing on a ship, seeing water all around and knowing the vastness of the ocean.

3. If you could go back in time and have dinner with any person in history, who would it be and why?

I think I would love to have dinner with Ghandi. He had such a sense of peace about him that I envy. I would like to find out how he cultivated that peace.

4. What was your dream as a child and was it realized?

My dream as a child was to become a research scientist and discover a cure for cancer. I did get about half way there with my degree and the chance to go for my Master's, however other dreams became more important to me as I grew older. Now I do the Relay for Life, and volunteer canvass for the Cancer Society and dream that some day soon there will be a cure.

5. How did you meet your husband? Tell us the love story. After all, it's getting close to Valentine's Day.

I met my husband while working in the bar for my parents during the summer months. He came in one night and during one of my breaks we started to talk. I didn't see him for a long time after that, but one night at a bonfire we met once again. My sister kind of set it up that we would be in the same place at the same time. We talked and talked all night and became really good friends before we had our first date. The rest is history, after dating for about 10 months we got married 5 months later.

Now, if you would like to take part in this fun interview, just leave the words "Interview Me" in the comments on this post and I will send you your questions. I will email you your questions and they won't be hard ones. You also have to link to my interview.

Well enough about me, it is time to sign off.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. God bless.


  1. Jackie,

    I loved hearing about the places you've lived. You're quite a traveler compared to me. I have never lived anywhere except in this small community in southern Ontario. I have visited the Maritimes and have been to BC. I was in Calgary one time, stranded due to a blizzard, but that is a story for another day.

    I'm sorry that your daughter was hit and killed. That must have been a very trying time for you. My deepest sympathies.

    Ghandi! That would be a wonderful person to talk to. He did so much.

    I know you work with the school board and that is an ambitious calling. Your volunteer work is admirable.

    I loved your love story and all of your answers to these questions. I got to know you a bit better through this post. Thank you for taking part.


  2. Jackie~ That was fun and so interesting to read about your life.

    I LOVE the frog story~ I can see that in a movie~ fun!

    You have made some travels and journeys which included meeting your husband at your family's bar.

    I too would love that travel~ sounds so inspiring...

    And oh my gosh your degree...smarty pants (smile)....


  3. Hi Jackie...I loved reading your story.
    What a happy time you had growing up and then on to get your degree....that is wonderful.
    So sorry to learn of the death of you daughter, you were blessed with a loving family and friends to help during this sad time.
    Hang on to your dream...I pray for a cure too...hugs, Linda

  4. Jackie, I'm so sorry to hear about your daughter, my heart hurts for what you must of gone through.
    Okay now!!!! Are you SURE~~~ you want to meet little old me, I have such a boring life! I never did go to college, I had my daughter when I was 17. SO when we meet I will let you do most the talking~~ I have to say I think the frog story touched my heart, and I could just hear you tell your son when you got lost, don't tell your dad. You are a good writer and I enjoyed this interview very much.
    Thank-you for sharing your life with us.
    my husband said he is going to read this interview to get to know you(even more than what I talk about) before we meet.