Saturday, January 10, 2009

Thirty-third Anniversary and A Whole Lot of Snow

On Friday I woke up to a great deal of snow. We received about 20 cm or close to 10 inches in less than 24 hours. It made going to work an exercise in stamina and following ruts a must. I will say going to work was easier than coming home after work as I could not see what I was driving through in the morning.

Harvey and I shovelled snow this morning so at least I can get in and out of my driveway, and to the major roads. Our road is still pretty bad, covered in ruts and the end of the street is pretty soft, and hard to plow through. I took this picture just before our epic shovelling session. Really think we need a snow blower. According to the weather forecasters, we are supposed to get another 20 cm over the next few days.

Today Harvey and I celebrated our 33rd Wedding Anniversary. He wanted to take me out for supper, but I (being the chicken I am) did not want to travel down the horrible roads. I made a very nice supper of Bacon Wrapped Fillets, Baked Potatoes (with all the trimmings), Caesar Salad and Chocolate Mousse for a fraction of the price we would have paid for the same meal in a restaurant.

Harvey did come home with a surprise, a dozen red roses and a card to say that he loves me more now than when we first married. Good thing, cause I don't know who else would put up with me when I get in one of my grouchy moods.
I want to thank Mary from Mary's Writing Nook for the award. I will post it tomorrow, I promise. I am so honored to have received it.
Well off to visit you all. Have a wonderful evening. God bless.


  1. Jackie,

    I'm glad that you enjoyed receiving the award.

    Happy 33rd Anniversary to you and Harvey. I wish you many, many more.

    Looks like you got the snow that is currently falling outside my window...not the same snow, but the same storm. It looks like it's going to give us a bit. Very fine and falling steadily. Hopefully it will only be a few centimeters.

    Take care and be safe on the roads.

  2. Jackie, a happy anniversary to you and Harvey! 33 years is quite an accomplishment!

  3. Happy Anniversary! 33 years wow that is great! Oh~~ Jackie after looking at all that snow you need to go some where a little warmer.
    Okay, your not going to believe this but I still have both your email address and I'm not sure what one to use just let me know and I will email you. OH~~ I can't wait.

  4. Awww, happy anniversary Jackie & Harvey! May you have another 33 - or more - blissfully wedded years ahead of you!

  5. Congratulations on your award and what beautiful flowers! As for the snow, I think you sent it my way.