Saturday, May 11, 2013

Getting Ready To Plant

Today I broke down and went to the various outlets that sold plants.I did manage to pick up a few, but I will be needing many more yet.

I usually make my own hanging baskets, but since we are getting such a late start I picked up a few. I need two more for beside my front door.... Perhaps on Tuesday Harvey and I will head out and pick up potting soil and a few more plants.

This is what I have managed to get so far to go along with those I have started in the house.

This lovely fushia to hang in one corner of the deck.

These 2 lovelies will be hanging by my front door.

I bought some Gerbera daisies to go in the pots that march up my front stairs.

The white petunias beside the daisies will surround the heliotrope in my large rectangular planter near the fire pit.

The heliotrope smells so wonderful.

I also bought some New Guinea Impatients and Non stop begonias to decorate the pots that sit against the wall on my deck.

Life is good and will just get better as the season progresses. Hope to share more flower purchases with you as they arrive in my home.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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  1. They'll look lovely, Jackie. This is the fun part of spring!