Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Unfinished Projects

I thought that today I would share with all of you some of my unfinished projects. Hopefully they will join the ranks of finished projects very soon.

First some cross stitch projects.

This is a very small dragon and castle. The picture really does not do it justice. I started this on a silent retreat and was going to give it as a gift to Kris for Christmas one year..... Perhaps it will make an extra gift for this coming Christmas.

This is a large angel. I believe it is called Angel of Winter. I started this many years ago and put it away to finish when I had more time. I have a whole series of these to do, so I think I better get started very soon on completing them.

I have one top cut out to sew. Bad me it has been sitting in my sewing room for at least 2 months.

This will make a perfect summer top. A lovely addition to my wardrobe. If I want to wear it while the weather is still nice I better get to it.

These, with the addition of some cream coloured fabric, embroidered with burgundy butterflies will be made into a new quilt for our bed. I really want to get started on this and I am using it as a bribe. You know if I get "X" amount done I can start the embroidery...... I need to get 3 more small unfinished projects done first. Slowly but surely reaching that milestone.

I also have a red tablecloth, white tablecloth and a number of cotton dishcloths to get through. Plus I have some more clothing sewing I would love to complete.

Looks like I have a busy summer ahead of me.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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  1. It sure DOES look like you have a busy summer ahead of you, Jackie! Busy and wonderfully productive. I'd love to see the finished products, especially the angel cross stitch.