Monday, November 10, 2014

Menu Monday

The start of a new week, and a new week of trying to use every thing up I can. So far not doing too badly. The fridge freezer is clearing out and the meat freezer downstairs seems to be emptying bit by bit as well. Soon it will be stock up time!!!


Chicken thighs and drumsticks made in the slow cooker with a creamy mushroom sauce. They say to serve it over hot rice, but I am thinking about using the leftover mashed potatoes from last night. Sides of sliced peppers and cucumber with some dip.


The frozen leftover soup from the fridge freezer along with some egg salad sandwiches.


Chicken burgers, along with pork and beans.


Leftover turkey from the freezer. Think I will make Turkey a la King and serve it over toast points.


I was going to make Tuna Casserole, but the part of the frozen Steelhead Trout in the fridge freezer is calling our names. Served with rice and carrots it should make a lovely supper.


Hopefully the weather holds and we will be on our way to Regina. A bit of a stock up shop and a visit with Kris. Just lovely.


This time I think I will make a roast. More than likely I will be roasting a Ham. We managed to finish those leftovers!!

Everybody have a wonderful day.

God bless.

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