Saturday, November 1, 2014

End Of The Month Update and New Goals

Well, how did I do last month. Overall not badly, but of course there is always room for improvement.

The one continuing goal of making at least one new recipe a week had kind of moved to the side the past little while. However I have resurrected it and will continue for the rest of the year.

Here is how I did with last months goals.
1.     Sew the coat I have now cut out. Decided that since I only have sew in interfacing I would leave this until I had the iron in interfacing. I want to follow the directions exactly.

2.    Organize another binder or two of recipes. Finished two binders and have started on a third.

3.    Continue the projects I have started. I figure another couple of weeks on the cross stitch (or by the end of the month) and finish at least 2 skeins of yarn on the rug project. Not quite done. I am hopeful however that I will be finished this by the end of November totally and moving on to other unfinished projects.

4.    Choose fabric for two sewing projects and get the projects cut out (must finish or be close to finishing my coat). Chose the fabrics and patterns but did not cut them out. I need to finish all those other projects first before I get side tracked.

5.    Have at least 18 no spend days this month (this is an ongoing challenge on a forum I belong to). I reached 19 no spend days this month!!!

6.    Wrap the birthday gifts that will be given out this month. This goal is totally completed.

Not too bad, but I could do better if I put my mind to it.

My new goals for November are as follows:

1. Finish the rug for Kris.

2. Start on the cotton kitchen rug for Kurt.

3. Continue with the recipe organization completing another 2 binders.

4. Try for at least 19 no spend days this month.

5. Continue with the cross stitch project and finish it so I can start the unfinished dragon from many years ago.

6. Try for as little waste as possible this month.

So even though lately I have felt like doing what Shania did most of today.

Curl up and spend the day sleeping, I am going to force myself to get a move on!!!

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless. 


  1. Jackie, I get tired just READING your goals! But, you do get me inspired to try to do a tiny bit more every day. Thank you!

  2. Good luck reaching this month's goals. You did well despite feeling tired. Maybe all the travelling caught up with you.