Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Monthly Update

It is that time of month when I need to be held accountable for the goals I set myself

1.    Continue keeping up with garden produce and weeding.   Well I have managed to keep up with processing the produce coming in from the garden..... The weeding however fell by the wayside by the end of the month.

2.     Work on projects.    Did follow through on this, in fact I have even managed to finish some projects that are necessary for Christmas. I did have to set aside my embroidery for a bit, but Christmas is coming quickly and these things need doing.

3.     Get items ready for selling on Craft sites.    I have managed to get a few items done and once Christmas preparations are done I hope to have more to list.

4.     Take more pictures while on our mini vacation.    Yes.

5.     Get printer/scanner up and working again.    Done thanks to Kris.

Project Declutter did not go very well this month. I did remove another 4 items from the house bringing my total to 660. Still hoping to reach that 750 mark.

Back tomorrow with my goals for next month.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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