Saturday, April 27, 2013

Gorgeous Spring Day

Well most of the snow is gone, just a little bit still hiding in the shady parts of the yard. Hopefully it will be all gone by next weekend, provided Mother Nature does not pull a fast one on us.

I did get out for a short walk this morning, but the rest of the day was spent using this object a lot.
At noon I had a telephone conference with my priest and another lady from a different parish. We set up our next big Deanery meeting and it went quite smoothly. All the worrying I did about this type of conference is no longer bothering me. However one of the executive did not get in on the call and the other member was out of town. This saved me gas and the time it would take traveling to where ever we would have the meeting. Money in the bank so to speak.

Next during breaks from trying to finish my novel and almost falling asleep a few times, I was trying to get our youngest son Kris to answer his phone. He finished off the job he has worked at for the past 6 years and has moved on to a new position with a new company. This Monday he starts at Kramer Tractor in Regina as a Business Systems Analyst. He sounds very excited about the whole thing as he will be working on setting up a whole new computer program and system for them.

When he finally phoned back, just as we were going to eat all he could talk about was the shopping trip he went on to Tip Top Tailor's where he bought some dress shirts, dress pants and sports jackets. He was over joyed with the fact that he bought so much for $600.00. In fact he was extremely happy with the purchase of one of his sports jackets. It was regularly $300.00 and he got it for $70. I think he may finally be developing a frugal streak!!!

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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