Sunday, April 21, 2013

Still Saving Money and Keeping My Sanity

Nothing drives me to distraction and to almost pulling out my hair as grocery shopping!!!

One way I seem to be able to overcome the frustration is to shop with a list.
I pull out all the sales fliers and start my shopping at home. I plan my menus around what is on sale and what I already have in my freezers, cupboards and fridge. Good planning and knowing where everything is in the store also helps. My time is worth money so I usually only shop one or two stores.

As I make my way down the aisles of my grocery store, my cart sort of looks like this.
I cook from scratch most of the time so you won't see too many prepackaged things in my cart. As I make my way to the checkout I quickly add up what I have spent (rounding things off of course as I don't have a calculator for a much as it could come in handy).

I go through the checkout and of course realize that I have forgotten one very important item.
My reusable grocery bags!!!! Oh well I can always find a use for those plastic ones!!! My store hasn't started charging for them as of yet.

Lastly I get them into the car, home and put away. There goes a good 2 hours of crafting time. Yet Harvey and I will be very well fed for the next two weeks, perhaps even longer.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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