Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Finishing Up May

So how did I do this month?

1.     Copy and declutter 2 binders of recipes.  Done

2.     Go back and complete some goals from previous months.  Working on still, but I am almost finished my cross stitch. Just have a few finishing touches.

3.     Change my wardrobe over from Fall/Winter to Spring/Summer.  Done

4.     Plant flowers and the veggie garden.   Done

5.    Spray some pots with the Glow In The Dark Paint.  Done

6.     Finish the scanning of pictures.  Done

So pretty well overall.

Goals for this month.

1.     Copy and declutter remaining two binders of recipes.

2.     Scan small recipe booklets.
3.     Continue with unfinished goals and projects from other months.

4.     Finish knitting baby sweaters that I want to give to our expected new arrival. A niece is having her first child.

5.     Weed gardens weekly.

Hopefully I will continue to get my goals completed.

Project Declutter is moving right along. I managed to remove another 77 items from the house last month. Mostly clothing that no longer fits or that I do not enjoy any longer. This brings my total to 579 items!!!

I am sure there will be more added to that total this month. Hey, I might actually reach 1000 items with any luck what so ever.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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  1. You're doing really well Jackie, with both your goals and the decluttering. Well done.