Friday, February 19, 2016

Frugal Friday

Ahh, the end of another week.

Frugally speaking it has been a pretty good week.

Spending has been kept to a minimum and I will be moving my baking pans around tomorrow. There really isn't enough room in the new stove drawer for them. While I don't use all of them all of the time I do use them enough that if I were to lose any I would miss them.

Spent much of the week using items up from the freezer and cupboard. Meals were a bit of a hodge podge but nourishing just the same. I am hoping to continue doing this type of cooking for as long as possible.

I got a coupon in the mail for a free package of pads for bladder leakage up to $14.00. Those could come in handy down the road a piece. I will wait for a sale and combine the coupon with the sale price.

I sent my scan into Neilson for  the week. I am over the number of points I need to get the free Pandora Bracelet and will more than likely send for that next week. This will give my family another gift idea come Christmas and my birthday. The site also has various Pandora beads that one can order. I do wish they still had the gift cards for Chapters though. Sending for those kept me from spending cash on reading material that could not be gotten for free from BookBub.

I am still walking every day. Fun and free exercise is always welcome.

I cut the buttons off of Kris's shirt sleeves and put them in my button jar. There are only 4 but that is the perfect number if I decide to knit a baby sweater. The rest of the sleeve was added to my scrap fabric bag. I plan on spending a bit of time cutting the scraps into squares to be used for quilting.

The lines in the basement are getting a great work out. This week I managed to get 3 loads hung to dry, and the way the weather is I will probably (well hopefully) be hanging all my laundry outside to dry very soon.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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  1. You are a younger version of my mother...LOL She cut buttons off everything, cut up shirts and skirts we no longer wore, to use in quilts...raised a large garden, canned, was the best cook, just like you, and stretched a dollar more than anyone I ever saw.
    She would buy a week;s worth of groc when Dad got paid, and every meal was so so good. By the end of the week, she would be getting close to using all her food...the last meal of the week was usually white rice and toast. When I told her years later that it had turned out to be my lifelong favorite, she busted out crying..."I always felt so bad when I served only rice and toast"...I wish I'd told her sooner how much I loved it.I still love it for supper...white rice, butter and sugar and 2 pieces of buttered I'm wanting to see my mama.